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    Hey jim,just got my 2007 catalog i did not see the scag cool flap listed can i still order it, and what happened to the W.E. CHAPPS figure,DWAYNE
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    Mow Pro,

    Glad to hear that you received the catalog already. They are Bulk Mailed and sometimes it takes a while to get it.

    Yes, you can still order the Scag Neck Only Cool Flapp. We also have the Scag Pocket Keeper (Regular) available. They should be showing on the web. However, in the catalog we had to take them out to make room for the new Deluxe Rider/Z Covers and ROPS Deluxe Rider/Z Covers.

    Thanks for asking about our W.E. Chapps Figure. He was (as it turned out) a limited production run with a hand painted face and wearing actual W.E. Leg and Arm Chapps with a W.E. T-Shirt and hand tools in a special display box. All of this custom detail added to the cost of the action figure and make him cost too much for most folks. He is a lot of fun to see! W.E. thought he may catch on with some of the Commercial Cutters children because of the theme and we could get production costs down with the added quantities but it didn't happen.

    Here's hoping you have a great year... and remember "Think Safety!"


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