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I saw that a lot of people on here were looking for fuel tanks bigger, and more fitting to mount on their trucks, and trailers. I found a website that has a bunch of different sized marine grade plastic tanks. They look very easy to mount, and come in many different shapes, and sizes. I hope this helps some of you guys out. The prices are really good too.

Website for fuel tanks



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Thanks for posting that. I've been looking for a tank. It seems like those plastic tanks might have a problem with static electricity. Does anyone know about that?

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The gas can has to be grounded. If you were to fill your can with gas in the back of your truck, at the time you go to stick the nozzle in the can or when you go to pull it out, here comes the electric charge and then KABLOOIE!!! Your day has just turned from zero to suck in no time flat!! :angry: :angry:
You have to put your cans on the ground/concrete so it wont create that electric charge. Just be careful!!

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