Hey guys... need answers to question about diesel MPG...

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by MuleCutter, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. MuleCutter

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    i'm in the market for a diesel truck because my Sierra 5.3 liter gasser is straining to pull my new trailer without my full load. i took it to a weigh station and the trailer with one blower, one trimmer, one gas can, a 36 inch metro, 46 inch Lazer, 66 inch Lazer XS weighs 5400 lbs. i still have to mount my toolbox, 2 trimmer racks for the rest of my trimmers, including hedge trimmers and i have to mount my 2 blower racks and gas rack from my old trailer. with all of this weight compared to my old trailer with all my equipment on it... my mileage dropped from almost 12 mpg to 9.6 mpg. so..... i want to know what kind of mileage you guys are getting with your diesels. i want either a Duramax or a Cummins. considering used but will most likely buy new. if i get a used truck i want nothing older than 2005. i drive a pretty equal amount of city/hwy driving. any information is appreciated... THANKS A MILLION GUYS!!

  2. NBI Lawn

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    It all depends who you talk to about this.

    I/we have an 06' Ram CTD, 06' Duramax and an 07' Duramax. To be honest they get about equal mileage, ~16 when pulling our lawn trailers. Dodge does get better when pulling but Chev's seem to do about 1/2 mpg better unloaded.
    IMO the Dodge pulls better and smoother (when loaded heavy). Chev's are a weee bit faster in stock form 0-60 pulling or not, but I hope your not buying it to race it :hammerhead:. If you were going to get a Dodge I would look for an 04.5 or 05'. No cats on them and the interior is way nicer. My 06' interior is the worst thing I have ever seen, kinda makes me mad its so ugly.
    Fords seem to be the only diesel that get poor fuel mileage though I know someone will pop saying their powerjoke gets 20 mpg. I am glad that you are not looking at those. POS IMO

    my .02 :cool2:
  3. Lynden-Jeff

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    Ha, that's funny. Although I have a 6.0L ill chime in anyways. I just got my PMT and my ford tech was saying he was able to do between 18-20 MPG with a fairly full 18ft enclosed trailer chipped. I believe it, with stock I was able to get around 16 with my double axle open trailer with 2 walk behinds and a Z. Even with the issues the 6.0L has had, with the updates they are good engines and have more power then any Cummins Ive ever driven or left in the dust.

  4. AtoZ

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    Mileage is a very trivial issue. There are a multitude of factors that effect mileage - idle time, fuel quality, temperature, gear ratio, weight, driving style, flat or hilly terrain - the list goes on & on. I have a buddy that just traded off a mint condition 05' Cummins Ram 2500 with 3.73 gears because he couldn't get more than 15.5 miles to the gallon empty. He was very unhappy with the 05' and bought a 2008 Cummins. I doubt he improved his mileage with the 08'...

    If your GMC works and doesn't cause you much downtime keep it - if you have money to blow, buy a diesel. Just remember, picking up a few miles to the gallon has its cost. Diesel trucks are proven to cost you more for maintenance. If something catastrophic goes wrong out of warranty be prepared for a major repair bill. Diesels excel on the highway for towing, gas is great for around town and stop and go. Just my personal opinion. I run 50% diesel trucks and 50% gas trucks. It takes a long time to recoup the cost difference between a diesel and gas truck. Over the past 12 years my gas trucks have consistently costed less to maintain than my diesel trucks.

    My 2003 F-550 gets 8mpg towing 20,000 lbs and about 14 empty 6.0 Diesel
    My 2007 Dodge 3500 gets 10mpg towing 15,000 lbs and 18 empty 6.7 Diesel
    My 2005 F-250 gets 10mpg towing 10,000 lbs and 14 empty 6.8 V10
    My 2006 F-150 17mpg on a good day no towing
    My Mazda Rx7 10mpg on a good day

    Note: All of my mileage #'s are for highway use, my city use would be lower...

    I love my diesel trucks but I pray I don't have problems with em...

    FYI - I'm looking at buying a 2008 Dodge Cummins tomorrow... My new toy...
  5. Petr51488

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    Hey, did you get my PM?
  6. AtoZ

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    Oh - I forgot to mention

    I had a 1995 F-250 ext. cab Powerstroke with 3.73 gears. One day I decided to take of the muffler & catalytic converter and reprogrammed with an Edge tunner "tow tune"... I wish I had done it years before because my mileage shot up to around 21mpg empty on the highway and around 11mpg while pulling 10,000 lbs. What a blast to drive!!!

    Anyway after I hit about 170,000 miles the maintenance bills were killing me. The truck was costing me about $1,500 to $2,000 a year to cover parts that were failing after the 170,000 mile mark. Parts only last so long before replacement is in order - don't believe me, just look at all the parts that are replaced on Semi's and medium duty trucks at certain intervals... I sold it to a guy in Illinois and bought a brand new V-10...

    Looking back I wish I had kept the 95 diesel but at the time it costed to much to keep running...
  7. Lynden-Jeff

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    $2000 a year doesnt seem that bad, I must spend atleast that on regular maintenance!
  8. NBI Lawn

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    I knew it would happen. I have owned them all and the Fords do not get that for mpg. I think Ford dealers are instructed to say that they get decent mpg but they dont, plane and simple.

    My old trucks:
    06' F-350 SRW 9-10 mpg loaded or not, Edge Juice Attitude
    03' F-550 10mpg
    00' F-350 7.3 on 38's best mpg of them all 12-13mpg

    BTW my dodge will blow my old 06' F-350 away in a stop light game. A friend of mine owns it now.

    I will add that the 6.0 does have plenty of power and they are great plow trucks but they dont do well on fuel. Great looking trucks as well, they should have refined the 7.3 a little instead of going to the 6.0
  9. MuleCutter

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    this is the first time i'll (possibly) own a diesel. so what you guys are saying is that i wont really get much better mileage than what i'm getting with my gasser? i love my Sierra and i'm keeping it as a play truck... it's been paid off and i want to have a truck just for work and one to play with. but i thought i'd get a much better mileage with a diesel than i would with a gas cuz of the effortless pulling and i wont be pulling more than 6000 lbs..... ever....
  10. Lynden-Jeff

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    Well then something must have been differen't because empty, stock in the summer I can hit 19 MPG all the time. This is mostly highway driving, but I have no reason to b.s.

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