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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Five Star Lawn Care LLC, Jun 26, 2001.

  1. Five Star Lawn Care LLC

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    Well guys i know it has been a while but its been insane around here. The begining of the year started out great everything was goin smooth we got a good client list and started getting into a lot more landscaping...two weeks ago we bought a new f-250 and we were going to start running 2 lawn crews and gett all the work done in 2 days so we could concentrate have both crews doing landscaping the rest of the week...well everything was in place we had gotten all the mowers ready and lined up jobs and everything was looking good.....well this monday we had all the guys meet at my house and were going to take both truck out and try our new system out. well we get our equipmwnt yard and a 24' enclosed which had all the mowers, whips, blowers and edgers in it had been stolen over then weekend.....im completely in shock, im still trying to get a graps on if im just dreaming....insurance is only covering 10,000 and i had over 30,000 in the trailer....i have no idean what im going to do ::::::(
  2. Eric ELM

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    I'm sure sorry to hear this. It is a terrible feeling to find this out, I've been there done that and I know the feeling.

    I suppose you haven't had a chance to read about the new OPEfacts.com? Here is the link to that thread.

    This new site will help to possible get equipment back. This happens all the time and not just to LCO's but homeowners too.

    I sure hope they find your equipment and good luck in the future. :)
  3. Scag48

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    Sorry to hear about your misfortune :(. That really sucks. I only have about 2 grand into equipment if I was ripped off, I'd be really pissed. It takes me a while to pay off my stuff and I don't have insurance on any of it yet. I really hope you get everything figured out. I'd hate to have this happen to me. Hope everything goes well for you and good luck.
  4. BeerBefore12

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    I'm so very sorry. and the insurance part really makes me cringe. I hope you get back up and on it. so far I've had 2 nice chainsaws taken out of my own front yard. the trailer with the real goods was just 50 yards away. right now after hearing your situation i'm thinking low-jack for lawncare. good luck
  5. jaclawn

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    Why is the insurance only covering $10,000? IS it because that is the limit of your policy? If that is the case, this is a lesson to everyone. Don't underestimate the value of your equipment, to save on insurance premiums. If you have a policy limit, THAT IS ALL THAT THEY WILL PAY. That is all that they are obligated to pay.

    Now, if there is a dispute over the value of the items stolen... Well, that is a whole other thread.
  6. cp

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    I'm sorry for you. My wife had her purse stolen at the first of the year and we are still trying to resolve that delima. Double check your insurance for any clause that may help you..The only good thought out of this is that they will surely get their just rewards:angry:

    AVRECON LawnSite Senior Member
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    If you are a home owner. Check that policy out and see if they will cover it.
  8. Randy Scott

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    Seems pretty stupid to carry $10,000 in coverage when you need $30,000. There is no excuse, you need to make sure of this stuff before leaving your insurance guys office. If this is all they offer then get someone else. There is no problem getting insurance in this day and age. You have the money for a new truck and two crews then you need to spend the money on premiums, its common sense.
  9. rdh

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    I had my stuff stolden 2 mounths ago and have not got a dime yet .every time i call about it they say oh it will be there in 30 days .if it dont come soon i will end up getting a lawyer.
  10. David Gretzmier

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    stupid is not a word I would use to someone who has just had extreme misfortune. Try your homeowners policy. there may be some money there. if you rent, get a renter's policy and cover 30,000 in tools. it'll be less than a hundred a month. you can get a trailer policy "rider" on your truck insurance to cover contents. typically less than a hundred. And finally the most expensive is to cover theft commercially, which rates do go up as the theft insurance covers more $$$ equipment. probably closer to 200 per month. Sorry. try to find some used choppers, trailers, but buy new trimmers and blowers. good luck. Dave g

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