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    Figured I post something about myself since I've been floating around on here. I did toss around the idea of starting my own business but the lack of funds for it dried up quickly with being a full time student. I've been a employee of Bill's Lawn and Landscape Co. since 02, the owner was on the same fire department as my pop, which my dad took over as divison chief after he left the department. I've been childhood friends with his son (who is looking to take over his business soon after being is service since 1980)

    In 05 I was promoted to a crew leader and had nothing but good comments about come from the owner and in Aug of 06 he promoted me to a new foreman position. My goal with that position is lead from the ground and work twice as hard as the guy next to me. Not to going to pull the card and sit in a skid steer and let the crew do all the work. I'm always a little late in the morning (oversleep the alarm clock) but always give a 110% working, But I'm also the last to leave the shop getting the paperwork done and making sure everything is ready to move in the morning. I'm using you guys and this site to futher my education in this field.

    After high school I joined the United States Marine Corps Reserve to become a 0311 Rifleman in Aug of 01, was down at MCRD San Deigo when Sept 11 hit the fan. After School of Infantry training Jan of 02 I was assigned to 2/24 Golf Company in Madison and was positioned as a SAW gunner in 2nd platoon 1st squad 3rd fire team. Started going to college for a basic degree. Was activated for OIF II in June of 04. Left for Camp Pendleton again and ended up damaging my knee in training to go overseas, was fast roping out CH-46 with all the gear on and landed wrong ended up cartlage tear, torn MCL, and ITB syndrome. Had to stay back when they went over for surgery and ended up being discharged honorably in 05 as a Lance Corporal. After being out for a 2 years ended up missing that little bit of military life. So I tried to get back into the Corps and got rejected due to my knee and ended up joining the Army Reserve as a 21J Heavy equipment operator. Ended up getting a nice prior bonus, and a one rank promotion to a Specialist. I'm currently still in and felt that it would help towards my career since I'm currently in school for Landscape Architecture.

    So far I've learned alot so far about this type of business and will continue to try and help.

    Thank you.

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