Hey im 16

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    I was in your shoes when i was 16, Keep on working SAVE your money and buy the best stuff, Look for commercial grade stuff. I use Red Max BCZ 2600 trimmers and Echo PB 620 Backpack Blowers. Now I being 21, My company maintains 95 houses and 30 Commercials. So keep it going there kiddo, Save your money for the 36" and it will grow from there.

  2. TheLawnBarber

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    You need a truck before anything else. You can't make real money without a truck.
  3. LawnInOrder

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    i disagree... i am makign good money with my golf cart setup.
  4. N&CLandscaping

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    You got any pics of that Golf Cart Setup?
  5. SSS 18734

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    I think your best investment would definitely be a commercial 36" walk behind. I had a similar setup before I purchased my 36" Gravely and it made a world of difference. You'll get those 21 properties done in no time, and you'll be significantly less tired afterwards.

    A truck can wait, just buy a trailer and attach a hitch to your current car.
  6. LawnmanJ

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    +1 to that...But I do have to say a truck might be a better investment depending on your current ways of transportation.

  7. SodKing

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    Hmmm....I know you are a child but if you have your friends working for you, and service lawns that you do not own, you need insurance(GL and WC) and have to pay taxes on your income...
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    You realllllly don't wanna see it.. lol
  9. Willofalltrades

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    Im 17. I was in the exact same boat. I saved my money and bought a used John Deere HD45 Walk behind. I also used my homeowner version echo and my dad's craftsman leaf blower. Spend the money and get a commercial hand held equipment. The begining of the season the craftsman blower broke (randomly blew a ring lol) from there I didn't hold back. As soon as I got the $500 I got a redmax EBZ8000 BP blower. No regrets and it will pay for it's self this fall alone. Next spring I will get a redmax String trimmer. PM me if you have any questions.
  10. zim bob the landscaper

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    hey man im also from MA almost 16. if i were u id get the want ad and look for a 32" or 36" mower. i think we live pretty close like 30 min away or somthin. but i found my bunton 52" wb in the want ad $300 and it paid for it self many many times. also go onto www.craigslist.com or maybe its www.craigslist.org well any ways if u need help just pm me or w/e. good luck.:waving:

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