Hey, Im Gary. Im new to the site.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by G&L Land, Jul 10, 2006.

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    Hey, My name is Gary and i own G&L Landscaping and Nursery's in Fort Thompson South Dakota. I have been in business for a little over 18 yrs now. I have moved around the u.s a few times. We currently have 35 employees. We do mainly landscape matenience and Construction. We have 5 mowing crews. Servicing residental and commercial propertys within a 30 mi radius of Fort Thompson. We also Run a nursery selling trees, shrubs, flowers, and diffent mulches. Here is a list of our current inventory of equipment:
    Landscape Matenience Crews-
    (5) Ford F 350 Diesel Dumps
    (4) Haulmark 18ft enclosed trailers
    (1) Big Tex 16ft open trailer
    (10) 52'' Wright Standers 23hp kawi
    (2) 48'' Lesco Hydro w/b's
    (4) Lesco 36'' Hydro w/b's
    Way too many Redmax Hedge Clippers, Trimmers, Blowers
    (2) Giant Vac Trailer Leaf loaders
    (3) Little Wonder 10 hp Push Blowers
    (1) Morbark Blizzard 12'' Chipper

    I will list some more later, But i have to head out to the bank.
    Later, Gary
  2. mcwlandscaping

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    Holy crap that's a big company! once i get a bit older ide be interested in starting a landscape supply yard as well as i like doing that kind of thing as well as mowing and landscaping. I really hope you stick around as i think you have a ton of information that will be very helpful to others. Welcome to LS,
  3. DodgeTruckMan731

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    hi gary impressive equipment*newusflag*
  4. Dano50

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    Hey Gary,

    Now just don't forget to protect it with Fluid Film. If you haven't tried it yet, try one on us. It contains no solvents, won't evaporate and will imbed into the pores of the metal. Check out our sponsored forum for more info.

    You're gonna love this site. Great information and great people.
  5. LindblomRJ

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    Really, I am in Pierre. One question:

    Is your phone number unlisted?
  6. Team-Green L&L

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    Hi Gary, I like your inventory, but it seems that you would have a site for your nursery. I'd love to see your website.

    SDNCLAWNCARE LawnSite Member
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    Very Impressive... What was your gross revenue last year for the company as a whole (If you don't mind answering?) Just curious to see how much money you can make in this business.

    SDNC Lawn & Landscaping
  8. Lynch Landscaping

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    Sweet Gary, Some day I hope to be like you. How many lawns do you cut?
  9. LindblomRJ

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    Fort Thompson in on an indian reservation about 60 miles south east of Pierre. Low income. The BIA, or tribe, would have some sort of program to provide some sort gounds keeping. At least that is what I see when I am down in the neck of the prairie. This would mainly be for public areas, tribal offices, schools and the like. This is rural county where cows and corn fields outnumber people.

    I question how a private could be that big in that area with that number of people, and income and all factors looked at be that big. If this was a tribal program it would be believable. As in you are "in charge" of the operation.
  10. bzaspel

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    It seems that most everyone here will be new, but none so new as me. I don't have any equipment except the old Walmart push mower that I bought six years ago. I have mowed the life out of it; one of the wheels is comin' off and the throttle won't work anymore. I still use it for edging in close between the old riding tractor bought for $100 and my $49 weed eater that I use. All this stuff is only used at home because I don't have a single customer and I don't have any idea of when I'm actually going to start in the business. No, I'm not paralyzed by evaluation, I just believe in being informed before I make expensive mistakes. So, I'm reading everything I can lay my hands on. You guys have provided a lifetime of experience that should enable me to avoid at least some of the costly mistakes that kill new businesses, so I'm learning. I really enjoy reading about the things y'all have tried and rejected or sing the praises about. I am excited about the profit potential of this business idea and looking forward to getting out of this chair and back in the field. I have taken an office job to help make ends meet, but I miss my blue jeans and the sun shine. So, write on, and I'll be watching and learning. I visited my first equipment dealer yesterday and really enjoyed talking with someone about ZTR Skag mowers. Thanx

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