Hey JD Zero Turn guys.....


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Does anyone know offhand the size of the blade bolt?

Looks like a 22MM or so, but if anyone klnows for sure Id appreciate it.

New owner of a 757 here and need to tune up the blades.

Of course my sockets go up to 18MM

Im getting real tired of having to maintain and purchase two sets of tools to do simple work on vehicles and equipment anymore.

Thanks in advance.


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biglawndog said:
Torque, whats that? :waving:
thats what you go by if you have too strong of a impact like I do.
blew the threads right out of one of my spindles, I run then off with the impact, run them snug with the impact & finish with my torque wrench.
300 dollar tool sits in the box, might just as well use it don't ya think?


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Stumper is correct. changed mine this PM and I use a 15/16.