Hey lawn guys! Your all stupid?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TURFLORD, Nov 30, 2006.


    TURFLORD LawnSite Senior Member
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    It was suggested recently that lawn cutters are all stupid because they never went to college. By comparision, all landscapers are so well educated that they are in a higher caste. The criteria for this revelation is solely that this particular forum contains so many questions from grass cutters in ratio to landscapers. Scroll down a couple of pages and you'll find the thread. I thought I should bump this issue back to the forefront because it so smacks of arrogance and egotism. So tell me fellow mowrons, are you feeling stupid today? Do you feel this assumption to be accurate?
  2. BSDeality

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    I have two college degrees, does that count?
  3. Raven386

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    - thats a good one.

    let people think or assume what they want. it doesn't really matter. people call me stupid everyday because i didn't go to college and I'm gonna be stuck cutting grass for the rest of my life. LawnSite is my college. I've learned more here than i could've learned in any other college course or anything else. and it's all thanks to the other "mowrons" that don't know anything about anything. we should make a book! "The LawnSite.com Guide To : "
  4. BQLC

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    thats funny i don't feel stupid let me check with my wife.

    All jokes aside there is a vast amount of education aquired in experience that cannot be taught in a classroom. I learn somthing new almost everyday
  5. carcrz

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    Only one for me. I'm done for now.
  6. BSDeality

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    there is also a vast amount that can be learned in the classroom and you also find out why something works in the way it does. When I was in school I learned more than one thing every class. I sell my turf education on nearly every job now.
  7. Groomer

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    I feel so syupid, idont no y,
    sumtimes it make me wont to cri.
    if I cud lern to plant a shrub,
    I woodent feel lik such a grub.
    I no that Im a lower rank,
    but i smile on way to bank.
  8. Raven386

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    did you just make that one up?
  9. BSDeality

    BSDeality LawnSite Silver Member
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    oh ya....

    Re: topic. It should say "you're" not "your". Not sure about that question mark either. :drinkup:
  10. Allure

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    Turflord, i agree, that post smacked of arrogance. For what it is worth, i am a landscaper without a degree. I guess by his standards i should quit & start cutting lawns.
    One can learn a tremendous amount about horticulture (or anything else) without getting a degree if they are passionate about it.
    I will take hands on experience over book smarts any day. The ideal education is some of both, but book smart alone won't guarantee success. I dropped out of college to work full time for $5.25/hr (20 yrs ago). Through hard work & determination i turned that job into a highly successful career.
    Now, since textiles is a dying industry, i have decided to pursue my true passion. Plants.
    Only in America:usflag:
    Just my .02c

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