Hey lets fertilize and Kill weeds!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOW ED, May 24, 2005.

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    This time of year just makes me laugh. I can turn down any street in the neighborhood and find which homeowners have saved money by "doing it themselves". I am getting a flyer made up for them and it will read something like this;

    Hello, It sure has been a great spring and the growing season is upon us. I can see by your lawn that it is evident that you don't have a clue as to how to properly take care of your lawn. My advise to you is to take all of your lawn care chemicals and fertilizers and lock them in a box then throw the key away. I personally do not want to work for you but there are a few national firms that can do a little better for about the same amount of money that you spent. Thanks for the laugh, I almost pizzed my pants but was able to make one more spot on your lawn.

    24may05 012.jpg

    24may05 013.jpg

    24may05 016.jpg

    24may05 023.jpg

    24may05 025.jpg
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    the 3rd one looks like a fairly new sprinkler system, see those lines often on new sprinkler systems, around here it wouldnt be related to fert............

    last one looks like a victim of some sort of fungus.. not over fertilizing

    rather than ridicule them I ussually stop and talk with them... I dont offer fert services but will talk to them about fungus, grubs and other problems with there lawn..... occasionally it leads to some business....
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    I have an older lady customer that wont listen to reason,she hand spreads weed n feed at least weekly also saw one that used a drop spreader and must have thought it was a broadcast,I couldnt stop laughing
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    Good luck with that.

    The third one is not from a sprinkler system. Here is another shot.

    The last one is a fungus on the brain. Its ROUND UP used to spot spray the dandelions. He got them, ya think?

    I chose to ridicule them here as they have enhanced their lawns for my eyes to see. My experience with these types of homeowners has not been as positive as yours however I do like to have a little fun at others expense.

    24may05 014.jpg
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    I had one customer spray roundup in one of her flower beds that I had planted annuals in. She though it would be preventative maintenance. I knew right away what she did because when I got there the grass around the beds was dead from the over spray. That was my favorite for this year. Some homeowners should be required to have fert/pest licenses also.
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    It is funny to see how well Roundup works on lawnweeds. What's better yet, is that NOW, Joe Homeowner can buy can buy "super duper Roundup, which controls the weeds all season long! (Triox, basically) This way, he won't have to worry about them for awhile (or new grass, or anything else that he wants to plant there). Always remember the homeowner rule...some is good....more is better! :rolleyes:
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    ".......some is good.........more is better."

    I like that Joe. I really like that. :laugh:

    Thanks, Jim

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    ROTFLMAO...Joe :D
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    There's more than one way to stripe a yard. ROFLOL!

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