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Discussion in 'Tanaka' started by pugs, Jul 19, 2006.

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    We have never really stocked any Tanaka heads other than a few Brains if people want them. The past few days we had to pull a couple of 5" semi auto heads off new machines because we had customers in need. So we ordered a few of them and they come with this white plastic spacer and a silver washer that the instructions say are to be used with Tanaka units....however I have never assembled a new out of the box Tanaka that had these parts. Is this something new or? Even the pair of 2501's that I sold yesterday did not have them between the head and the gearbox.

    Are these maybe for non tanaka products...some bad translation from Japanese to English or???
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    The additional spacers are for mounting to a Tanaka that has a female gearbox (like the old TBC-2510).

  3. pugs

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    Ahhh, ok. See the directions are very vague on that.

    Although I just put a blade kit setup on a 340 and good lord was that instruction sheet vague.

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