Hey Nashville. Hook a brother up. Help!!

Discussion in 'Network: South' started by memow, Apr 29, 2005.

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    I am brand spank'n new. Not to the biz. But as a solo owner operator. I have been out for several years. I'm back three weeks in and late. Having a hard time finding work which as I'm sure you guys know is a full time job itself. I did a mailer of 300 from my paper route list. I've gotten one call off it. Most of my work has been from simple door to door cold calls or while mowing. I have done very little net-working. Hello I am Bill :waving: me mow. Seriously I know it takes time but if anybody knows any lawn-brokers, has some extra work or even wants to sell a small chunk of steady accounts. And when I say sell I mean finance. My size capabilities are limited uhh.. I mean I'm using a 48'' Great-dane super surfer. Shindaiwa trimmer and blower. I'm stripe challenged. But fully insured professional and presentable. Look for me Bill w/ Me Mow PLCS. Advice. :help: :help: :help: Lots of advice welcome.
    Maxed out and overdrawn. But green, growing and lov'n it. :blob3:
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    Keep it together. Keep it together. Keep it together. Its all good man. Your gonna make it. Pay no attention to the response of zero man you've got one now. Advice. ENCOURAGE THY-SELF. :cool: Your the man!! You go brother. Get your ass up, hook up your trailer and head out.
    :blob4: LAWN-BOY UP! Good luck. Bill w/ you know Me Mow.

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