Hey Richard2.........


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Richard2, Charlotte Lawns, Looserlandscape, or what ever your name is this week, if you have a problem with me for whatever reason, please feel free to send me an email the link is below. I choose not to hide behind multiple fake screen names.

It's obvious you have no respect for Chuck or Eric and that's why you keep making post under different names, just so they can delete them and cancel you account. Why can't you post on this forum like an adult and abide by the rules? Can you please explain why you feel necessary to continue to post about people on this forum who have disagreed with you? Why the obsession? Do you always behave like this if you don't get your way or when people disagree with you? Do you lay in the floor and kick your legs also? All this because of the soil test post? I don't think I ever have said anything against you, I did ask you to please explain what Humic was and asked you to give details, you never did, just started making attacks and jokes.

I post this here because I know of no other way to contact you, you hide your real name and email. If you dislike this forum and the participants so much why keep coming back? Move on, get a life, find more business, do something. Makes no since to continue visiting a forum that you dislike so much. I don't particularly care much about you either, but I see no need making post with derogatory comments in my spare time.

As for me being a loser, that's your opinion. Being someone who knows nothing about me, has never met me, do you really think I care? Nope. We can only base our opinions on what we see posted here and you are not helping your cause. I think everyone here has the ability to make a clear and concise decision who the loser is, if it be me or you. The simple fact is when you joined the forum you agreed to conform to a certain conduct, you have continually broke your word using profanity, personal attacks, harassing members, and so on. When your post get deleted why act surprised? You knew they would be deleted what's the big surprise? Why not start a Humic forum? Please quit causing Chuck and Eric so many problems.


P.S. Chuck or Eric, if you feel you need to delete this post I understand.

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If you guys are wondering what Richard2 looks like I believe there is a picture of him under the "What do you guys look like" thread. I think he is the second pic. When you look like that, you are bound to say something stupid.


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No "loser" has a truck and trailer that looks like yours, Kirby. Nice stripes, too.


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You know getting your fisrt post deleted is like missing thew $100. question on who wants to be a millionair.lol


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Chin up Ray, you make very good points and I am sure many of the serious people here agree. I for one have learned alot from you from your posts as well as talking to you on the phone.
When I start to see some of the garbage that is written by some of the goofs I move on without even considering it.

Keep posting, there are many more people that really want to learn. The jealous ones will eventually be gone.


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You are an asset to this post as well as "the majority" of the members here. There are people who always want to ruin a good thing and bring it down. WHY? Because they are jealous of what others have and they want it. ENOUGH SAID!!

Thanks for all of you valuable info to the site. Hopefully I'll be able to post some more in a few months, but I always check in and read what's up...



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Ray, Loser's now a guest and not a member. Hopefully we won't hear from his kind again!