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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ple_1969, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. ple_1969

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    Has anyone heard of the Toro Z400? Just at my dealer and they were unloading these off the truck. They are so new that there is no mention of them in the web or the Toro home page. I can't find a thing on them. The only thing that I do know is that they have the Turbo Force deck and the 19 Kawasaki 52" deck sells for about $6,000.

    Does anyone have any info on these?

  2. probably a replacement for the 100 or 200 series ....it should have the turbo force deck
  3. NoWalk4Me

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    Odin's right on the money. It relaces the 100's. Has smaller fuel tanks (8 or 10 vs 12 gals.) and the smaller castor wheels up front. Lower seat height like the 100's. Also, the ROPS is a different from the 500 in the way its mounted/built. It does have the T-Force deck and is goes up to a 27/60" (maybe just 52") as I recall. I was just by the local Toro dealer yesterday and saw one that he'd not even priced yet, 1st one out of the crate. Looks very similar to the 500 from the front but pretty different from the rear as the ROPS is quite diff.
  4. edward hedrick

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    Saw one at Durham CT. Expo July 20. Schmidts & Serafines

    in Waterbury should have one Aug 17 at their field day. Ed
  5. brucec32

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    I keep wondering when they're going to shoot the guy at Toro who is in charge of their website. It's innacurate, incomplete, and has been for years now. Some of the ones you guys have here are more polished and information-filled than that. I'd like to know more about this 400 series mower, but oops...I have to drive out to a Toro dealer, 45 minutes away.
  6. NoWalk4Me

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    Yep, seems like your most up-to-date info is right here on LS. In their defense, let's hope they're (all manufacturers, not just Toro) spending their time on making better machines instead of websites, although I have gotten kinda' addicted to getting my info off the web!
  7. lowellw2

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    I've heard there is going to be a Toro Z400 "value" model without the Turbo Force deck (still 7ga. feb) and with a 18hp Kohler w 48" deck. It supposedly will be about $5000. I saw a copied brochure at my dealer last night, but no machine on the floor. I'm looking at something for home use and this may fit the bill. Looks a lot like an eXmark LazerZ CT to me. I searched "toro z400" and came across a picture from an Australian site. Is there some relationship between eXmark and Toro?

  8. MMLawn

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    Yes company wise, Toro nows owns Exmark.
  9. brucec32

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    I need a 44" deck ZTR to complement my 48" lazer hp, with the bigger mower set up to discharge and handle the Fescue and weedpatch lawns, and the 44" to squeeze through a few more 4' gates and set up to mulch on Bermuda. So I need a lightweight, short, compact, but powerful unit that has very little deck overhang to maximize cut quality on that tricky Bermuda. I would prefer the 20hp Kohler Exmark 44" , but they have just about priced them out of what I think is a reasonable range for such a small unit. I can buy a 60" 23hp Kawi Gravely today for less than they want for that unit. So I was hoping that toro might come in with a similar model at a better price. Not interested in a CT type unit. Too many compromises.
  10. BobR

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    The estate series is using a 7-gauge deck and the other series are using a 5 1/2" deep Turbo Force. All decks are either 48" or 52" - Sorry Bruce no 44".

    I went to my dealer expecting to get a peek at the new Z400 and ended up with a brochure and no touchy feeley of the 400.


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