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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Valk, Mar 20, 2013.

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    I'm in the market for a more powerful trimmer than my (discontinued) Stihl FS-80R = a GREAT 2-stroke trimmer btw...and still running strong. Also, I both trim (at lower RPMs) & edge (at mod/high RPMs) with my string trimmer.

    I've done quite a bit of research here at LS, but I'm confused as to whether Stihl's 4Mix trimmers are easy or challenging to feather at lower throttle speeds, as I've read both.

    From Stihl, I've narrowed it down a bit to:

    FS-70R - (27.2cc) which is actually a slightly larger 2-stroke engine than my FS-80R (25cc)
    FS-250R - the BEAST of 2-strokes, but a LOT of money

    FS-100RX - essentially a lighter FS-110R which is a 4Mix
    FS-130R - the most powerful 4Mix Stihl offers

    Comments on other brands are welcome, but I'm aiming for at least middling power or greater. From other local dealers I can get Echo, RedMax, Shindaiwa, & Husqvarna.
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    I am going to buy a 130 or 250 soon myself, maybe tomorrow. The FS100RX won't accept any other attachments if that matters to you.

    I have the FS90R. It is a great trimmer, but yes, they are a bit hard to feather smoothly. They run great at idle to about 1/4 throttle, then they tend to jump up to around 3/4 throttle or slightly more. I have no idea why they do it, or why Stihl doesn't correct it because their 4 mix blowers are extremely smooth throughout their throttle range.

    Mine has gotten better with use, though it really hasn't had that much use. I bought the edger attachment for it and that stays on it constantly unless I use the pole pruner. The 4 mixer's have awesome torque down low, and if the line gets tangled in the grass/weeds etc, just pulling the trigger rips right on through it where a 2 stroke usually needs to be withdrawn first to get the R's back up.

    If you want about the best trimmer you can get for trimming and edging, get the Husky 223L or 323L. The 323 is the best choice because it has a solid shaft and a little more HP. I have found very little weeds and grass that my 223 won't handle, and it is the lightest trimmer that you can find for commercial use.
  3. Valk

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    Thanks RG...fwiw, both the Stihl website and my dealer say the 250 doesn't accept other Gearbox Attachments (except the Cultivator)...but I thought I had read on an older thread that someone said that they did, so IDK for sure.

    I really am intrigued by Husky...though of all my regional/local dealers, they're the furthest out of the way. Need to go and check them out in person.
  4. Ridin' Green

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    I have been reading through old threads and know that at least 2 different guys here use their attachments with their 250's. One of them I read today by a guy named nosparkplugs IIRC.

    I talked to Stihl about it a few days ago, and asked if it was just a power thing with the 250 and the attachments, and they said yeah the 250 is just too much power for everything but the cultivator and will tear them up in fairly short order. That's why I am leaning towards the 130 a little. I would jump on a left over 2012 Husky 335 at a local place that is selling them for a good price, but I want to use my attachments so I have to stick with Stihl. The new version of the Husky is the 535 and has been downgraded a little in HP thanks to the EPA regs. The 335 is rated at the same power as the 250, but I find that a little suspect since it is the same size engine as the 130- 36cc.
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  5. Ridin' Green

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  6. Choppin

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    My Stihl rep told me that they are fixing to come out with a new two stroke trimmer.. It's gonna be a Fs 92 he said they should be out in September if you can wait til then... I HATE the four mix and he said they were gonna come with the two stroke 92 because of the complaints on the 4 mix... The four mix are great if you run the guard but will bog down and gum up if you run without the guard... That's why I don't like em.... And I don't like having to have the valves set
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    That's sorta what the Stihl rep told us last week when we spoke with him at our annual openhouse. He said the new stuff would be somewhere between the 70 and 90 in power.
  8. weeze

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    get a honda or a husqvarna 4 stroke. husqvarna uses the same honda engine.

    i've had my honda over 10 years and i've never adjusted the valves at all. still runs perfectly and cranks first pull. these are great for low rpm trimming since they have more torque than a 2 stroke. they run on straight gas too. no mixing of oil needed.
  9. Lawnwizzard

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    Buy Dolmar
  10. Valk

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    Interesting about the Stihl FS 92. Not sure I want to wait until Fall, though. Am aiming to put my trusty FS-80R into backup status and use the new trimmer as primary due to exercising the warranty while I would have it.

    Which Husky uses the Honda engine? Is it the 426LST? In Husky's comparison chart there is no weight or specs given. Looks like the 324LDX is an attachment/combi/kombi-type and it may also use the Honda engine. Not wanting to go this route, though.

    Anybody know anything about Husky's 430LS?

    I'd get Stihl's FS-250R in a heartbeat if it didn't cost so dang much. With tax it would be over $600.

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