Hey you blew leaves into my yard

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by livingreen1, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. livingreen1

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    Hey I am new here but wanted to share a story. I am just about to finish a residential and the neighbor is standing next door just staring at me. My guy comes around the corner and the neighbor catches him so I go over and see what the problem is. This guy says you just blew all those leaves into my yard. I say i made sure to blow the leaves back into this yard and then cut them up and he starts to cuss me and accuse me of things and in mid conversation I look up and realize the leaves i have been cutting up are from his tree after I say this he tucks his tail and walks away. I thought this was pretty funny
  2. steve45

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    Send him a bill!
  3. J. Bret Holder

    J. Bret Holder LawnSite Member
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    Sounds like the guy is a democrat. They're always looking for something to ***** and whine about.

    You were fortunate in that you were actually able to reason with him by showing him where the leaves originated from. This makes me think that he might actually have some conservative characteristics. Heck, maybe he's coming around?
  4. BCM

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    Now thats funny right there
  5. Ric3077

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    I hate people like that...I blew a few like maybe 50 leaves on the street and wasn't even done and the neighbor comes over and makes me stop the mower...I did cause I thought maybe she wanted an estimate...then she says in a PITA voice "Do you know you just blew leaves ALL OVER MY LAWN" but what she meant was you blew a few on the street and I am scared that they might get on my lawn. I forgot that after I am done that WIND can't blow leaves...she acts like she has never had a leave on her lawn before...So I say well I haven't blown the street off yet...I always do that after I am done...she goes OK just as long as you know....I just stayed poilte but thought to myself do people REALLy have this much free time?
  6. WildWest

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    Uh, yeah, could be one of those "treehugger types" that think that you are deficating on "mother Earth" by cutting a "living organisim.(i.e. grass)"

    I used to think, okay, deal with this person as politely as possible...key word "USED" to! Anymore if someone that doesnt pay me has a unfounded bit*h, I will happily raise some hell with them. I will also be sure to let the owner of the property that I AM servicing know of the issue!

    "people SUCK".... this is not an inaccurate phrase! (for the most part)
  7. BMFL79

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    Sounds more like a republican. Makes a big mess, then tries to blame everyone else about it.

    So many views and interpretations of the same facts.
  8. TPLawnPro

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    See what I mean??? :laugh: ROFLO!!!

  9. robby

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    If the leaves belong to a tree on the neighbors yard, and their yard has not been freshly mowed, then while mowing, I probably would point them back towards the neighbors yard. Seems fair enough.
  10. Runner

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    Unfortunately, that's not the way it works..and this is the same in ANY state. What falls falls on a property is the responsibility of that property it falls on. This goes for sticks and limbs, as well. This has been looked into rather extensively and has a few good threads on here regarding this matter.

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