Hey you South Florida Aquatics people...job opening with local government

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by A23, Nov 28, 2011.

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    I know there's a jobs section, but I'm just posting this as an observer and it's pretty specific to Florida anyways....

    Even though I co-own my own aquatics business, I still keep an eye out with the local governments just to see what's going on around here. I stumbled upon this with the City of Sunrise, and I figured I'd pass it on to you all since there's a lot of people looking for jobs right now. It's a "Canal Maintenance Operator" position that requires an Aquatic spray license...CDL and backhoe experience preferred, but not required. I took one look at the benefits and it almost had me ready to jump ship and apply myself! :usflag:

  2. Ric

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    Two things that stand out to me. First the Job was posted back in July in a state with the Highest Unemployment in the nation. Second the pay scale is way too low for the Cost of living expense of the area.

    So after being posted since July WHY hasn't the Job title been filled???
  3. A23

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    no idea why it's been posted that long....my only guess is that there's not too many people out there with an aquatic spray license :confused:. I would agree on the pay rate, but job stability and benefits with the government are hard to beat when compared to the private sector.
  4. A Leaf Above

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    Thats not to bad for starting pay with a government agency ...Geeze its not like they work or anything ..lol . All these guys do here is ride in a boat with a hose shooting basically weed killer out the back ..One pass up the one side of the canal , turn around and do it on the otherside ..I lived in Sunrise for years and the pay i s a little low but you more than make it up in ot and benifits ...Working for any government agency you look at the long term because the pay is always lower than the private sector ..
  5. Ric

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    Hello the hardest question on the Aquatic test, ""Is Roundup a contact or Systemic??"" Like all the Chapter 487 tests, they are geared for Government wage slaves to pass. Study the Ink Drawing of the Weeds for 10 minutes before taking the test and their is no problem passing it. I retake the test every 4 years rather than take all the CEU that are required.

    Don't get me wrong, Aquatic work covers a wide area of knowledge and I am always studying it. Pond Boss Magazine and On line CEU's http://pested.ifas.ufl.edu/onlinepesticideceus/ceu_modules.htmlare just a few places to collect information. As a One Man band I can low ball the Big Boys and still make a health profit.

    A leaf above

    I am not sure where you are in South Florida. But I am on the Gulf Coast of Florida where cost of living is real cheap. My Grown children were both living in Miami and at one time I wanted to move closer to them. Safe apartments in reasonable neighbors were $ 1,600 a month for a one bed room. $ 30,000 a year is $ 2,500 a month before taxes and about 1,800 after taxes. Food is slightly cheaper in the Grocery store but Insurance and Car repair etc are twice the cost of the Gulf Coast. If these numbers don't turn you off then the Mass of Humanity in S E Florida should. Traffic jams are the rule and you spend as much time travelling to work as you do working. Sorry I am a country boy and prefer to stay away from the big crowds. Of course that just me and others might like the crowded city where I don't.

  6. A Leaf Above

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    Ric ..

    I am in the Ft. lauderdale area ...The 1st mistake was they wanted to live in Miami and there are areas there which are high dollar and there are areas which are low dollar ..I have lived in this area for over 30 years and i have hated that city for every day i have been in south florida ...lol ....I am also a country boy with properties in the carolinas but the money here is just too good to leave and start over just yet ...Sunrise is a relatively cheap area to live and the city is a good place to live ...I do see your point but unfortuanately with the lower pay rate you wouldnt be living in the life of luxury for sure but the benifits would be awesome if there was a 2nd income to make up the difference in income ...
  7. Landscape Poet

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    Long Range benefits would be the only upside I could see. If you could put your 20 in and still have time to make some money outside in the private sector - more power too you but twenty years at that range would be a very humble one for sure. Hope someone likes ramen noodles cause you know they are not going to start someone at the upper range given and will be more likely to be slightly higher than the lowest wage given. Even if you did start at the upper range - you are going to be there FOREVER.
  8. Ric

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    A Leaf Above

    Miami is a multi race/nationally town. As Amerasians who speak several language including Spanish, My Children blend into Miami Culture better than any other Florida city. My daughter has a Town House in the Down Town very upscale Mary Brickell Sq in a High rise. My son recently moved back to Vegas after taking a few years off from his chosen profession. He has a Condo in the Below 5th st area on the beach. Both cases they are in very High Security building. They both live very well and do a lot of travelling. Miami affords them a Life style that smaller towns can't. I personally don't like the big city and only wanted to be closer to them. But Then I realized, they have a life to live and it doesn't include day to day contact with dad. This way Less contact is actually more quality contact.
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    in my opinion the goverment jobs arent what they used to be. my local goverment has laid off alot of people. they have had budget cuts just like everybody down here...

    the days of working for the goverment and having a secure job are long gone in my opinion...
  10. fl-landscapes

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    Another thing that has changed with gov jobs is pay. They use to be lower paying jobs than the private sector but you did it for the benefits and job security. Now the public sector pay scale has surpassed the equal job in th private sector, plus their massive benefits package, and no accountability.
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