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    Hey guys,I've kinda lost some of my motivation for mowing.It's great money,but I'm pretty sure this isn't going to be my career.I'm keeping the lawns I have right now,and hopefully I'll pick up a few more next year.But I'm thinking I'll just get a regular job like most teenagers,and do lawns for extra moiney on the side.Earlier i was really excited about this,I wanted to have 100 accounts,and have a huge lco.Now I think I might just try and pick up what I can,do them with a small walkbehind,or maybe even stick with my craftsman push-mower till it breaks down.Anyway,maybe I'll be excited again by next mowing season.I'll stop by from time to time,but for now,I'll just be a kid.What i mean is,i don't think im gonna be taking this quite so seriously anymore,nevertheless,Thanks for all the replies,advice on mowing.I'll drop by again in a few days to check up on the new posts,but I'll be by less regularly from now on i think.
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    andrewlawns. i am sorry to hear that you are getting out so early. however think about it like this, you dont have any bills to pay now. no gas, phones, insurance, liscences, etc. once you get those bills every month, it isnt so easy to just go and call it quits. so god bless that you found out so early.
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    Take the advice of someone who got a "regular teenager job" and still has it while mowing, like me. I've worked at grocery store for 2 years now, and it taught me their is nothing like working for yourself!!! Then again maybe your not the self motivating type and need someone out their (boss) to motivate you. Also nothing like working with other parttimers who are worthless but get the most hours and raises because they suck up with the boss or their mom is hot! My old boss quit, he was the coolest guy I ever met. The new guy is about 24, shipped from I don't know where, has no self-confidence(you can tell that by his walk), and think's he a cowboy! I can't stand him, yesterday I just about quit, only thing that kept me was the promise of a new boss soon! I don't really need the job with owning two companies, mowing and a web design and computer consulting business.

    To stay motivated set goals. What do you want in life? Money can buy basically anything so start saving for what you want. Save for cheap and expensive items. Right now I'm saving for a 2002 Firebird TransAm(last year there going to make Firebird and Camaros).

    Stick in there!! Hard work or dedication pays off.
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    that same thing happens to me too andrew:(
  5. jeffyr

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    You are young and maybe trying different things now is a great idea. Many people go to college majoring in one thing and doing another after graduation......You will never know until you try. You have the freedom now so go for it.

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    Im 15 and Im still going strong with my 14 acounts now I also got another job with another LCO in my area and somtimes we work close to eight hours a day and Ill work 4 to 5 days a week then do my lawns on another day. I havnt got burned out yet but maybe soon
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    to figure out what you enjoy and want to do, because in a few more years you'll need to figure it out fast and it will be a lot harder to just up and quit something.

    One more thing. Your comment about just getting some more customers next year and doing them until your mower dies kinda got to me.

    Remember your going to piss a lot of people off when you tell them midseason you don't feel like running a LCO anymore.
    You also probobly won't be taking the needed pride in your work with this attitude. Be careful not to tarnish your name!
  8. bobbygedd

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    good lord dont quit! u heard what the man said about his boss driving him to almost quit, well consider this, if u are working for someone years down the road, and u have children, mortgage etc., u can be treated badly from an employer and maybe u will be stuck just taking it, quitting may not be an option. to me it is a terrible feeling for someone to have u by the ba**s. if u want peace of mind be self employed, stick with it.
  9. Charles

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    I think you made the right decision to retire and enjoy life while you are young. Hopefully more lawncare people of all ages will wake up and smell the roses like you have and find new and exciting carreers.
  10. Island Lawn

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    Grass grows.
    If nothing else works out...grass grows.

    Be sure to give a 30 day written notice to your customers!
    (probably alot like your post above)
    Maybe line up a LCO you could refer to them to take over.

    Or just keep raising your prices until everybody drops you. Then tell us what the cieling is! LOL

    Or just keep raising prices until the cheapos drop you. Then you've got a more profitable business w/ room to breathe!

    My $.02

    Good Luck!

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