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    I been around for litle bit but never intoduced Myself. I apologize for my grammar in advance.:waving:
    In the lanscaping for 24 years,found this site while surfing and got hoocked.
    Im originaly from Spain and Im not a bullfighter or flamenco dancer :confused:
    I own a small lco in SE PA. FINELAWNSANDGARDENS.COM. Check us out
    I have some great guys doing some great work.
    Saludos a todos. Frank Acuna:usflag:

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    Welcome to Lawnsite!
  3. lifetree

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    Fine Lawns -- Your website is very nice ... your work pictures are excellent !!

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    thanks Lifetree.we try to do the best we can. Hope that the economy turns around soon
    otherwise we are going to be in deep crapp.

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