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    Hi Everybody,

    I have been viewing the site as a visitor for the past 3-4 years and have gotten some really good info. I have recently wanted to start posting, so I figured I should go ahead and join. I'm hoping it will be fun to share some information, add to the discussions, and hopefully even help a person or two.

    I started my first lawn care company at the age of 19 after taking a severance check from a large energy company in the Cincinnati, Oh area. They had merged with a company from North Carolina and wanted to relocate my position to Texas. After selling my company in 2008, I moved into my present position as a property adjuster for an insurance company. Being a property adjuster has allowed me to pursue other ventures while still collecting a guaranteed paycheck and enjoying medical benefits.

    Some of the areas that I am knowledgeable in are business operations, landscape design (hardscapes), personnel decisions,marketing, and customer retention. As I said before, Im hoping to contribute consistently and build some lasting friendships. Im looking forward to meeting all of you folks that are interested in sharing some good info.

    Happy Monday everybody!


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