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    Hi All,

    My name is Zach and my business is maple ridge landscaping and snow removal. This is my first year as a registered llc and my 2nd year having the business name and doing this kind of work. I started the business after being discouraged with college I went to school in Miami and came back home to syracuse and decided to do this, I have no prior experience. So far it has been the best decision I have made, I am eager to keep learning and to meet other landscapers! I appreciate any and all advice or criticism even. you can check out my site if you want to know more about me mapleridgelawn.com

    I am currently trying to figure out seo if anyone has had any luck doing it themselves or is hiring a company to do it the best way to go. I built my website but am not to technically inclined.

    I currently have a husqvarna zero turn and john deere easy trac... looking into getting my first commercial mower but haven't decided on anything yet if anything wants to let me know what they have and like. I would like a 60" zero turn.


    Maple Ridge

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