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    Hey Folks,
    I'm Micah and my company is Longpoint Landscaping. I am located in Mt. Nebo, WV(I know everyone has heard of it LOL). This is my second year in business and man have I came a long way. I started last year with an ancient Bolens riding mower that was busted everyother week, a decent lawn-boy mower and a POS Craftsman trimmer. My truck was a total heap 89 Chevy and I didn't have a clue. I have since then gotten a clue and went from 5 weekly customers to about 30. This year I started with an older Bobcat WB, a Stihl fs 110 trimmer, a Wally world 21" mower, and a junk Troy-Bilt blower. About a month ago I decided to finally get really serious and I bought a new Gravely 252, and suprise, suprise I had to replace the Wally World 21" with an Ariens 21". I know I still have alot to learn about maximizing my time and not selling myself short but feel I am well on my way of building a very good business. Everyone take care and look forward to learning quite alot from all of you.

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