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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Love2Mow, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. Love2Mow

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    New poster here and I just wanted to get some info about myself and my company.

    Im 30 years old and Ive been in business for 5 years now. Mainly mowing but we also do

    Gutter Cleaning
    Sping/Fall cleanups
    Tree Trimming and removal
    Landscaping and Lighting
    Debris Removal
    Shrub and Hedge Trimming

    This seems like a great site to belong to and I hope we all get to know each other. If anyone here is from the KC or Johnson County KS area stop by and say hi. Id like to network with some of you as far as fertilizing goes.
  2. impactlandscaping

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    Hi, and welcome to Lawnsite..You will find the answers to many questions here among all the different forums. Don't forget to use the search feature to find information in previous posts, as there is more information here than what can be found in an entire set of encyclopedias! I'll share any fertilizer information with you, if you'll airmail some KC Barbeque and pulled beef back to WV!!Welcome aboard! :waving:
  3. TClawn

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    not to be off topic or anything but when you verticutt, do you cut in two directions? I usually cut an X pattern to remove more stolons, but have also cut only in one direction on lawns that are highly maintained.
  4. Love2Mow

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    thanks for the welcome and let me know if you want some, i got a great resturant 2 blocks down!
  5. Love2Mow

    Love2Mow Banned
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    I go 2 directions when i verticut AND aerate
  6. TClawn

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    why to directions when aerating? I personally have never done aerating so I'm not sure.
  7. Love2Mow

    Love2Mow Banned
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    I was always taught to make it look like swiss cheese. Plus i overseed when i aerate so the more holes for the seed to drop in the better.
  8. aries

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    from nj
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    Welcome 2 mow! just be careful what you say it can get alittle rough around here LOL!
  9. Love2Mow

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    LOL, i can hold my own!

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