hi i am 14, and i wanna start a lawn service

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by DEEREBOY14, Apr 9, 2008.


    DEEREBOY14 LawnSite Member
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    hi i am 14, and I want my Dad and I to start a lawn care service.
    I just want us to start a lawn mowing service, but I don't know if we need any lics,permits, etc so if you (pros) could help us it would be very nice!
    And also I would like to know what kind of services we should offer, and what we should charge, and if we should have senior discounts. and whats the best power tools ,like mowers, weed eaters,blowers and chainsaws.And trailer trimmer &tool racks I was looking at an exmark lazerz 60 inch cut ztr .We also own a johndeere 2320
    I dont know what size trailer we own but its like a 20 foot double axle.:weightlifter:heavy! and a stihl fs 250r

    thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. verant

    verant LawnSite Senior Member
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    these can all be anwsered by just reading/searching on this site. just remeber to plan before you start buying any equipment
  3. DK lawn care

    DK lawn care LawnSite Senior Member
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    For blowers, i would go with the stihl BR600 or the Redmax EBZ 8001. As for the mower, you are starting out in the right place. What truck are you guys going to be gettin?
  4. rebelsday

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    At 14 how in the world do you plan to drive? And driving a trailer is pretty hard, and there is tons of regulations and fees and dmv fees.
  5. daveintoledo

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    why dont you just get a few neighbors as clients and mow a couple of yards..... your too young to start a business, its just not realistic....

    mow a few yards, do a good job, be honest and have fun....and find some other things to do with your time this summer while your still young

    SNAPPER MAN LawnSite Silver Member
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    Dude just start out with a small push mower and save up for a bigger one like a 36 or 48" walkbehind. You dont want to be up to your eyeballs in debt and not have any clients to justify your purchase.
  7. daveintoledo

    daveintoledo LawnSite Silver Member
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    14 year olds cant go into debt....:hammerhead:
  8. Runner

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    I'm confused...You are wanting to start into the lawn cuttin' business, but you have a company name that is incorporated? Obviously, the "incorporated" business is not a real existing business as of yet, correct?
  9. tamadrummer

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    This is at least the 5th time you have posted the same thing since you have been a member here. Is this a joke?

    Go back and read the threads you have already posted.

    Why bother answering if you are not going to bother using the info given already?

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