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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NBLL, May 18, 2004.

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    I have a 48" scag cub with a 21hp kaw. When it rains a lot I wind up mowing some of the properties when it is wet. Using doubles medium w/gators on top has worked pretty well. The only major problem was a thin strip of stringers between the blades when they start getting dull or if you mow a little too fast. The 21hp instead of the 19hp has definately helped. The other day I decided to try new high lifts. I was cutting a new property and the grass was over 14". It cut beautifully and had more air flow than the doubles. The engine really pulled hard but I fgured it was the tall grass. The next day I mowed a tame yard. I couldn't believe how hard the high lift blades pulled the engine. It took about 25-30% of the rpms just engaging the blades. Is this normal? I really like the cut and the air flow but it is really hard on the mower and I'm sure the sides of the tanks are sucking in because of the gas it's using. :confused:
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    I would not use double hi-lifts, with the possible exception of the right spindle on occasions.

    I suggest that you use your hi-lifts on the botton along with a hi-lift mulcher on the top. You should see excellent results.

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