hi, new guy from CT.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by rklawnmowing, May 13, 2006.

  1. rklawnmowing

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    hi im 17 from Bolton,CT and i've been cutting lawns for 4yrs now, i bought my mower and backpack when i was 16 last year, before that i was using a 1990's scag walkbehind with a 52" deck and it was also hydro. but it had a problem with one of the clutches it wouldn't go straight so i had to hold one of the clutches partially in and could only go 4mph in a straight line, worked great. but i wanted to go faster, so i got a new mower, and sure it goes 10mph but i don't cut that fast too often...and this year im probably gonna get a real landscape trailer to use instead of my yellow tilt trailer that i currently use, and im also gonna buy the bagger attachtment for my mower,and the JRCO tine rake dethacther attatchment for my scag, and i currently have 6 lawns that i cut,and do spring/fall clean ups for. im hoping to double or triple my business, which shouldn't be too hard considering i got where i am with no advertising, the few lawns i have i got from word of mouth. so if anyone in, the hartford area or central/northern CT has any lawns they don't want let me know.



  2. Lynch Landscaping

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    Nice set-up. I also live in CT too.
  3. rklawnmowing

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    yah it works for me,but a real landscaping trailer really nice, and a back up 52" or 36" wb would be nice to have...more work too lol
  4. Signature Landscaping1

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    Looking Good!

    I like your choice of blower. Nothing beats em!

    landscape 015.jpg
  5. rklawnmowing

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    there pretty good. i think they push out the most cfm out of all the other back packs
  6. zim bob the landscaper

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    nice mower man. that blower looks good.
  7. mcwlandscaping

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    saweet stuff, love that scag!! welcome to LS

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