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    Hi to everybody I live in south florida and last year I started a lawn maintenance company but unfortunately I could not make enough money to support my family so now i'm back in the work force I will be putting some equipment for sale in the days to come on this site if anybody is interested in a good bargain please let me know. I will keep coming to this site for more info on lawn care I still have to maintain my own yard. thank you
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  3. lovelawns

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    thank you I was planning on doing that

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    you having to go back to the workforce,,,, lawn care is a tough business istarted out small,,from 2 yards to 12 but i do this partime,, but iam growing give bids almost every day,, i use to work solo,,but now i have somehelp, what kind of equipment do u have ? inch cut,,,how many hour's what type?
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    Hey man, really sorry to hear that!!!

    If I can ask you, where are you from? We are considering moving to the Miami area as my wife wants to go on to nurse Anesthetist school and there are 3 located in the Miami area.

    Why do you think it didn't work out? What did you do wrong? How much were you charging for a normal sized yard?

    You can PM me if you would prefer.

    Thanx again
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    I'm new here too. how come there is not a place for introductions, or do you just post Them anywhere.

    Most of the gardening forums I visit have a place like that.
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  8. PopsLawnService

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    Thank you 1MajorTom. I missed that.

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