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Hi OhioJeff, you want to help me


LawnSite Member
I have just put together my own site (for the 1st time) and I am interested in what I have learned from you so far. But I do need some help from you.

I guess the first thing you would want to do is see my site.


I have done the site: thing but my results were not very promising.

Thank you


Cleveland, Ohio
Hi There,

I see you're in Stow which isn't all that far from where I'm at in Strongsville. Glad to help someone local.

Again, my comments are going to be about how to find customers in search engines. I think where you can enjoy good results is by improving your photo gallery pages. Don't see them as a gallery of images. See each gallery as a past project that targets a community where you would like to find new customers.

Take this as an example: http://lesleinlawn.com/gallery02.html
It looks good but a search engine can't do much with it because there's no text on the page and the title tags are not specific.

Perhaps this is really a page about 'Hudson Ohio Patio Installation" or "Akron Ohio Unilock Installer" See each photogallery as fishing line that's meant to attract specific searches from people in your area.

So I would write a few paragraphs about this project. Talk about the installation process where it was done etc. Be sure to give the Title tag something meaningful like perhaps as an example, "Hudson Ohio Patio Installer"

Then keep adding galleries and using the galleries as subjects to attract visitors. Each gallery should have a different theme. Some should be about landscaping, some about lawn care, some about patios. You'll be rewarded with this technique. It's work I know but please have the faith that it's effective. It is effective because you're the real deal - you provide landscaping and lawn maintenance service for Stow Ohio so talk about it.

Don't forget too to submit your site to Google.
http://www.google.com/addurl/ and try to get some links to your site from other sites, best sites to get links are sites in your area or sites about landscaping or association sites. It's hard getting links, don't worry about that too much for now but instead focus on writing more copy for your site that describes what you do and where you do it.