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    Finding out answers when it comes to reciprocity is like impossible, i am a licensed applicator and operater in New jersey and now moved to florida, what do i have to transfer licenses, also with these two licenses what does it take to be allowed to fertize,use weed controls, fungicides,, i want to open my own lawn care company but am a little unsure about how to approach it without being fiined and what not, any helpful suggestions would be greatly appraciated, been a lawn tech for Scotts for almost 4 years
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    Your out of luck, Gonna have to take the test again according to my quick search. See link below.


    Get in touch with RIC, I am sure he would love to help out a New Jersey guy that just moved to FLA:waving:

    Seriously, RIC would be a great source of info for you as to how to go about getting the license.
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    IF you have a CURRENT Certification from an other state, the time requirement to sit for the Florida CPO test is only one year working for a Commercial Application Company. You can only sit for the test category of the License or licenses you have and worked under for one year.

    If you are new to Florida, I strongly suggest you take the time to work for a Commercial application company getting both the training for this climate and the license. The difference of having a License and not having a License will be Day and Night when you start your own company. However their is enough Profit and Market share that you may just want to only be a pesticide company. I think with your experience knowing what Chemicals cost and a year of seeing both the profit level and the poor work being done by others, You just might want to be a pesticide company only.

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