hi wheeled rear wheel drive wb?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by nmurph, Jul 27, 2005.

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    is there a reason that no manufacturers make a hi-wheel rear wheel drive wb. i don't need anything commercial. i have a hustler to take care of my yard. i only need a wb for about 200ft of ditch that will take about 4 passes. it definitely needs to be high wheeled. my w-m special 5hp murray push mower is about shot. i can't justify commercial for that small of an amount. i have searched and found rwd wb, but they have small rear tires and there are plenty of high wheeled fwd, but nothing that combines both. i have seen an ariens that has rwd and mid sized rear tires. it is about $600 with a kawi.
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    You are not looking hard enough then. I used to run a 6.75HP Sarlo mower with a 24" deck, and rear wheel drive with those high wheels you want. they run around $500 or so new, but are dang near unstoppable, I loved the one I ran. belt drive deck. the only thing you need to know is that the cover for the belts must come off if the drive belt for the wheels is to last any amount of time longer than a month. that cover rubs the belt, which wears it out REALLY fast. otherwise, its a GREAT machine for the money.
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    Where did you buy this Sarlo?
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    I didnt the school board did, I just ran it for them mowing half the school property, which was around 2 acres with one mower. when I left it had well over 1000 hours and still going strong. the one it replaced had over 3000 on it, no major work, besides the oil changed every like 300 hours I would think, or in my case once a year. maintaining it wasnt my job, so I didnt touch the mechanicals of it, just mowed with it.
    Heres the website. we had the 624SPSW model. its not fast, but its nice for cutting thick stuff.

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