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  1. Jake's Lawn Service

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    hey, lawn cutting friends,my name is Jake and I am 14 years old. I am new to this site and love it. Last year I started my business "Jake's Lawn Service" cutting 5 customers with a push mower and tractor. This year, I have upgraded by savin my money from last year to buy a brand new exmark Lazer Z CT. I now have 10 customers that I do and the lots are anywhere from 1-2.5 acres. I pull a trailer with the ZTR (holds a push mower, weed wacker, stick edger, and blower etc). Next year I want to get about 5 more customers so I can bring in more money to save for a truck and a exmark turf tracer HP with jungle wheels and more redmax equipment. I will post some pics of my setup very soon. Thanks
  2. mcwlandscaping

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    Hey man, welcome. I too love this site very much. Nice mower you got there. Just one question, why only 5 more customers? I have 20 now and would like to double that! More customers equals more money wich means better truck. At you age, i would focus more on saving for a nice truck than another exmark or other equipment. Looking forward to the pics, i will soon be posting pics of my stuff too. Good Luck man, if you have an AOL IM account my screen name is mcwlandscaping.
  3. Jake's Lawn Service

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    Only about 5-6 more customers because I live in a small sub and my dad would have to drive me to the ones that are far away. Also, I don't have insurance or anything.
  4. mcwlandscaping

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    oh i see, I dont have any insurance or anything either (would get it if i could). My dad drives me everywhere, anyway, welcome to lawnsite, you will learn a lot.
  5. Jcs Lawn and Landscape

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    you are going to get caught and pay a huge fine for doing fertilization and pesticides for ur customers as i read on ur website that you only charge 15 dollars

    TURF DOCTOR LawnSite Silver Member
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    whatz up jake you sound determined to make it,i hope you don't move in my area you are a gogetter.
  7. Landscape89

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    Way to go Jake. Your are taking after me and MCW landscaping lol. I think us three are the youngest ones on here. I am actually 16 and like you I do about 10 accounts. Keep saving your money man. Theres a lot of good tools out there. And.. if your willing to get your hands dirty theres a lot of $$ too. Good luck!!
  8. RedWingsDet

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    from Detroit
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    i wouldnt be doing fert if I were you, you'll get busted with a 5000 fine. Heck, if you have some round up in your truck, you'll get fined.

    anyway, good luck
  9. zim bob the landscaper

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    you have some nice equiptment i am 13 and me,dad,and brother have 5 acounts but we also do some hardscaping so that gives us alot of money well good luck.
  10. Newbie07

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    HEY!!!! way to go man!!! I'm 16 and i will be stating next summer and hopefully this fall with leaves. Don't let people put you down because they say your too young. Keep it up

    Travis :cool2:

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