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    Hi everyone thought I would write a few words about myself. I live in Indiana and have been in the green industry since about 1998. I am not necessarily new to lawnsite. I heard about it years ago and registered back then but never posted anything. Anyhow I have done work in most phases of the business from fertilizing, mowing, landscaping and currently getting into stone work with the guy I work for now. I have worked for different companies throughout the years including Scott's and TruGreen. I have spent some time with smaller companies too. Right now I am working for a guy that runs his own business. Its me and his son that handles all the mowing and I will help with the fertilizing from time to time. I have used alot of different quipment from Dixie's to Exmarks and whatever's in between. My favorite though would be the Dixie's for riding and the Exmarks for walk behinds. I like to read lawnsite, usually seems like theres answers to questions I have and usually come away with either something good or a good laugh for the next day. Take care everyone and hope you all have a good weekend.
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    Well, hi back! Kinda odd to see a join date of Jan 2001 and only ONE post! Glad you finally came around. Feel free to share your knowledge with the rest!

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