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    HI everyone. This is my first post. One heck of a place here. I'm a farmer, I have over 800 beef cattle now. I do everything with skid steers. Take the manure out of the barn, put it on a pile, move round bales of straw, level dirt, shale, move snow, load silage into a mixer wagon, load manure into a spreader. Man it takes a long time. I have two skid steers. A john deere 317 and a bobcat s-160 with counterweight. The john deere has alot more hours on it and had very few problems with it. Just got the bobcat about 4 months ago so not many hours on it, but no problems with it yet:) On the John Deere I had the front wheel bearing go out, the alternator, and had an oil leak. So I want to no what you guys think. Which one is going to give me less problems?:confused:
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    Welcome to LS.
    Hmmm. Hard to say. I don't have much experience with JD skids just their tractors and dozers.
    Bobcat is a solid machine with solid components. You will have small problems but most should occur under warranty. After that, from what you described, you shouldn't have too many problems if you take care of the machine. You may have a leak here or there but I haven't had any leaks in a few years on the newer machines. The older Bobcats (800 series) were nighmarish with leaks but were otherwise solid machines. Your kubota motor should give you plenty of hours..in my opinion.
    How do you keep up with 800 cows? I have 3 cows, a mini jack, and 3 goats on 100AC and can't keep up with their nuisances and repairing fences from floods, trees, and animal damage.. You must have it down to a science!
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    I think both should give you good service over time. Deere has come along way since the first 200 series came out. The 200 Series II and 300 Series are way better machines. I think the Deere's are a little better suited for agriculture especially the type of work you do that the Bobcat but that is just my opinion. How many hours on the Deere? My 250 II has over 2,000 now.
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    The John Deere is a 2005 with just under 1,000 hours on it. I only had it for about a year. The bobcat is a 2007 with about 185 hours on it. Only had it for 4 months now.:clapping:

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