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Hi everybody, I’m Kelley.
I was born and raised in horticultural
everything, on a farm in SC.
I now live in Louisiana and have since ‘97 although left here & there but I always return back here...it’s the only place I have ever been homesick for!
So I spend 80% if not more, of my time outside...including sleeping sometimes.
I have and always will continue to educate myself on everything related to horticulture as well as the being able to accent landscapes and water features with lighting. I mostly work in music festival world but also special event doing temporary creative landscape and water features.i also strive to find new ways to reuse, propagate, be organic, be respectful of Gaia without using harmful chemicals. I am also a flora empath and not by choice but I have learned to embrace it!
I am so thrilled to be here and learn from all of you!