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Hidden Creek Lawn Care & Firewood

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by HiddenCreek, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. HiddenCreek

    HiddenCreek LawnSite Member
    Messages: 17

    Been lurking around for awhile but haven't yet introduced myself. My names vinnie and im 17 from calvert county maryland. i am a senior in high school and started hidden creek firewood this past winter. obviously there isn't much firewood to sell this time of year so i decided to get into lawn care. i have been cutting lawns for family members since i was 12 or so, but i never really tried to expand on that untill now. i also worked for my high school last summer maintaining the landscape, so i do know what i'm doing. so far i have gotten one mulch job off of te first 100 flyers i passed out. i got another 150 out last night and am printing another 200 today so hopefully it will help with some business. i also am running two internet ads, getting out business cards, and have 4 magnets coming for my truck.

    i took some business classes in high school, plan on taking more in college, and spend a lot of time reading o here so hopefully that will help me with growing my business and learning as much as possible. my equipment consists of two craftsman mowers,a 42" riding mower, 21" push, 17" bolens weed eater, a lot of hand tools, craftsman blower, and my nicest piece being my husqvarna 250 chainsaw. i don't have any of the nicest equipment, but the way i see it you dont need the best equipment to do a good job

    well thats about it, thanks everybody

    DLAWNS LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,780

    Welcome to Lawnsite...I look forward to talking with you.
  3. VirginiaLawnCare

    VirginiaLawnCare LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 337

    Dont give up on the firewood here in VA i have a really close friend who has been doing firewood since high school. Well today he has like 10 restaurants he delivers to that makes him about 50 grand alone a year. Plus the thousands he delivers to all year round. He has went from splitting it by hand to two small lot splitters to two wood processors. To buying one huge wood processor that was $125,000. I never thought there was so much money in firewood until i met him a long time ago.

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