Hiding a Camper?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Pro'sEdge, Feb 21, 2002.

  1. Pro'sEdge

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    I work and live in northen Maryland and recently a customer asked me to hide his yard from the neighbors hideous camper van. He wants some type of screen that will not lose its leaves or too many needles (if evergreen) in the fall...... I originally though of leather leaf, however it looses most of its leaves. Please give me some idea's on what i should use, i needs to be FAST growing, able to live in the sun and shade, and it should grow at-least 15 feet tall eventually. Thanks
  2. ohiolawnguy

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    i would say arborvitae, spruce, or even a holly tree. but a holly probably wouldnt grow quick enought for your needs.
  3. Stonehenge

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    Here's a non-money making idea - tell the customer to check the covenants of the subdivision - there is likely something about not leaving campers in view. From there a call to the town superintendant or whomever, and the problem is solved.

    If he wants evergreen and wants it to hide the camper right now, he'll have to spend some $$ to get more mature plant material. Upright Junipers, Arbs, mature Hicks Yews.

    Or a green fence (an arbor/trellis), with a vine that grows quickly and doesn't drop foliage in your area.
  4. Five Star Lawn Care LLC

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    I would go with a 9-10"skyrocket juniper. it grows very narrow and wouldnt take up alot of his yard but would still add privacy. there kinda pricey (100-150) a tree, but there a sharp looking tree
  5. parkwest

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    Would a 6' cedar fence work?
  6. mdb landscaping

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    id go with the eastern arborvitae(thuja occidentalis) like stated above. can form a nice hedge and its pretty hardy to zone 3. it will grow as high as 25 ft if needed, or can be trimmed to proper height.
  7. Pro'sEdge

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    Thanks for all the input!! I think im gonna go with the arborvitae, it would form a nice hedge, and would not encroach on the neighbors property, i thought about a fence, however the homeowner does not want it......I actually checked the neighborhood code and yep they are prohibited, however the guy with the camper is the president!!! go figure.... sooooo the homeowner is just gonna go with the natural fence. Thanks again........
  8. Ssouth

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    Not sure about up north, but here Leland Cypress trees would be ideal. They are used frequently here as barrier trees. Besides I love the smell walking down a row of Leland cypress'.

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