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    I am quoting a job that is a 1/4 circle in the corner of a backyard against a stockade fence. It is about 10-12' out with a curved front. The customer wants to cover a manhole that is about 2.5-3' diameter and about 8" high. about dead center of the proposed bed.

    THe customer requested that bushes/ hedges be planted to cover manhole then some annuals planted to border the bed. It is located in Oklahoma and it is going to be full sun mostly afternoon sun, but if planted close to the fence would help shade some.

    Was thinking nandina with some sort of yellow bush in front to contrast, any suggestions???
  2. betmr

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    Who's manhole is this, and are you talking about covering it over, or planting around it ?

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    it is a sewer manhole i believe..it is dead center of this proposed flower bed, just trying to get ideas of what type of plants to hide it.
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    Sanitary or storm? Be sure to take into account if in your attemp to hide it, you are inadvertantly going to block drainage or not. Mulch or leaves floating over the cover and plugging it up in heavy rains for instance, could flood the neighboring lawns and give the customer many irate neighbors.
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    Manhole, not storm grate.

    Yeah, just plant around it and then maybe a pot, statue, or some sort of lawn "ornament" sitting on top of the manhole until the plants grow to block the line of sight.
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    How does the homeowner feel about a composite (fake) boulder covering it? Cost is steep for them but easily removed for service. Who has the "right-of-way" for the manhole?
  7. tailboardtech

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    i would advise u not cover the manhole or hide it to bad, the county i work for will fine the homeowner $250 if you deliberately hide it since if we have to get to it for maintenance or to inspect the sewer and cant find it, very bad brown things can back up.

    i know other towns and county's around us are the same way.

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