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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by bcg, Jul 9, 2011.

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    The comments about the high iron well on the booster pump thread brought this to mind for me. We have a lot of calcium in our water supplies in this area. Most city water isn't as bad but I've got a couple of customers with private wells where the calcium is terrible and it builds up on the glass tile in the pool, the landscape lights, etc., etc.

    Other than a water softener, is there some economical way to remove calcium from the water on a large scale? These are 5 acre properties with 36 or so zones on each plus the makeup line for the pool (which has a TON of glass tile work in it) and makeup lines for 3 water features. The calcium causes problems in all of these places so if it can be removed, it would be nice.
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    Try this and let us know the results.
    A friend of mine installed one for his well water and it worked well enough for him that he bought a second unit.
    I'm still skeptical but I may try it out since my home wasn't plumbed for a water softener.
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    You might as well use magnets because that is where they stole the whole aragonite thing .... and it isn't removing the calcium.
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    Wonder if Bucky Balls would work. :laugh:

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