High lift mulching blade for my Snapper?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dperk, Jul 5, 2006.

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    Does anyone know where I can purchase a high lift mulching blade that will fit my Snapper 21" walk behind? I am using their ninja, but it only does a so-so job picking up little twigs , and sticks. I use their high lift blade when I bag, which is only a couple of times during spring cleaning, and it does an excellent job. I wrote Snapper, and they said they do not make a high lift mulching blade. All help appreciated.

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  2. Roger

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    "High lift" and "mulching" in the same blade is a dichotomy. Yes, your high lift may work great for bagging, but will not work for mulching operation. By the very nature of the mulching process, the clippings must drop out of the deck. But, a high lift blade, by the way it is intended to work, is to keep the clippings high under the deck to drive them out the discharge chute.

    I have Ninja mulching blades for a 21" Snapper, and also have Ninja blades I use on my Exmark 36" hydro walk-behind mower. I don't use them for grass, only for leaves. They do a terrible job for grass, leaving stringers, run-downs, etc. They don't leave a finish cut that is satisfactory.

    I also have experience with a Toro ProLine 21" hand mower. I have three blades, an Atomic mulching blade, standard OEM blade, and a high lift. The high lift does a pretty good job bagging (leaves great finish cut), but will never work for mulching (tried it a couple of times -- clipping debris held up inside the deck too much, meaning no throughput). The OEM blade works moderately well for both bagging and mulching. The Atomic mulching blade will mulch reasonably well, but leaves such a poor finish cut, I will not use it for grass. Also, the Atomic blade, with very little lift, will not bag where there are very many clippings -- simply not enough discharge force to drive the clippings out the chute, into the bag. In summary:

    High lift blade: good for bagging, will not work for mulching at all
    OEM blade: moderate results for bagging and mulching
    Atomic blade: will not work for bagging, will mulch but the results are not satisfactory (for grass)
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    gator blade works very well on the snapper. when fall comes -throw away your rake. nothing better for leaves but does grass good too.

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