High lift vacuum mowers, which one picks up best?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by toxic man, May 11, 2005.

  1. toxic man

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    I am cleaning up many yards and am mulching them with a brush mower. I am looking to come up with a system to brush mow and use a vacuum system to pick up the debris. Will a riding mower pick this stuff up? Which one has a large pickup bin and is easy to dump?

    The ideal system would be to brush mow and followup with a vacuum of some sort, which could be dumped into a trailer for transport to a dump.

    ANY advice would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Mindless

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    I owned both a 21" Snapper WB and 33" Snapper Rear Engine Rider. Both were excellent at vacumming debris. The rear engine rider offers two types of bagging systems. Both easy to dump.
  3. JAC

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    We currently have the Billy Goat 24" 8hp B&S pull start brush mower. I LOVE IT. I can mow 4' tall hay in the pouring rain if I do not go too fast. I am wondering if anyone knows of a dual-hydro or dual-belt drive brush mower (SELF STEERING!). It's a real chore on the side of any slope. Also, I just found a Snapper brush mower 13hp B&S for sale, and wonder if anyone out there knows anything about it. There ought to be a BRUSH-MOWER ONLY thread on here, for those who have them know why they are IRREPLACEABLE by any other mower, no matter how expensive. When was the last time you ran down and chewed up a 4 foot hight 4 foot wide rose bramble with any other mower - even the big commercial rigs! Who owns any of the D&R brush mowers, and do you wish you had your money back to choose again? Are there any other brands of brush mowers that you fellows know about and use that you recommend?

    ALSO - A QUESTION - Who knows why none of the brush mowers (that I know of) are using the hinged blades like on the common bush hogs?

    If you're a dealer, make me an offer on a brush mower with bigger engine than the one I have and tell me why yours is better than my Billy Goat!

    Thank you for your answers!
  4. JAC

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    ---------------furthjer comments by JAC
    I just bought the Snapper HI-VAC 33" rear engine rider, and it is without a doubt the best vacuuming lawn mower I have ever seen. If you have to clean up millions of leaves, twigs and nuts, this is the one to buy, for sure. It will leave nothing that is not attached to the ground, and also cleans out all the loose thatch.

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