High Lifts, what now?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MJLsLawnCareNmoreLLC, Sep 28, 2004.

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    I have always used regular blades in my mowers. Ive tried various blade wing designs and have been pretty happy with all of them. My only beef with them is I still get a lot of clippings that set on the top of the lawn after I cut. I run side discharge only. I bought a stander and it came with high lifts on it. I used it and it absolutely sprayed grass everywhere. Not to mention I went over the grass 3-4 times trying to get rid of the extra clippings and all it did was rearrange them :angry: . I thought it was the mower. Well I put some high lifts on the viking just to try em out and it cut exactly the same as the stander with high lifts. :realmad: Grass everywhere, went over the lawn many times with the same result. Not to mention the high lifts pulled every piece of dead grass out of the lawn and made a nice yellow layer over the lawn. So ive come to the conclusion I hate high lifts.

    So I am back to regular blades and could still be happier. I mean i usually have to double cut to be happy with the cut because of the excess clippings that are left behind from the discharge. I've always done this so its nothing uncommon, but I was wondering is there a better style blade for side discharge so when I make a pass it doesnt leave clippings on my previous pass forcing me to double cut? Ex: gators, meg-mos, mulching blades. I dont want a mulch kit for the walk behinds so im looking at side discharge set up. It it works well I might set the stander up the same, or try a mulch kit for it. Thanks for the help in advance. :waving:
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    Fire the fertilizer guy.
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    I assume by looking at your avatar picture that you run John Deere equipment. If so, I suggest you try a mower with a fabricated deck. they, by nature of build and design, tend to chop up clippings finer which reduces or even eliminates your problem... i have been running 3" wide super high lifts on my Ferris and have not found anything that works better for me in all of my conditions. They don't give me the problems you described. It is a fabricated deck. When i have tried using double standard lift blades, i do get the problems that you have mentioned. I occasionally have some of those problems with my high lifts, but not on average. They are 95% of the time better than standard lift blades, they don't clump as much and throw it out there better. Personal preference maybe but i like the cut and discharge of a fabricated deck better myself.
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    IMO it sounds like your taking quite a bit off the top to have results like that. This may sound stupid, but are you mowing frequently enough? The rule of "thirds" is not only for healthy grass, but it makes for a happier LCO when you don't have to double cut all the time.

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    The brand of mower has nothing to do with it. I run John Deere equipment with great results. We don't need to get into brand loyalties when they are all basically the same. John Deere equipment is well designed, tested and used as all others are for the most part.

    Mowing frequency, blades used (gators work great on my Z-Trak) and other things could be the problem, but high lifts are great blades. Gators are just better and get them online cheaper.
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    I tried the high lifts on my exmark viking which has a fabricated deck and on my JD stander which has a stamped deck with high lifts. Both cut with the same quality. I did notice a further throw-out of clippings but it just made me spend forever blowing out the landscape beds. I tried them in 3 separate yards each with different types of grass. Same results. Looked like I dethached the yard.
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    Once a week. They'd be looking for a new LCO if I wanted more than that. I would like it though :payup . I'd aim for the 1/3 rule, but I can only cut off what grows each week. Unfortunetly this season is crazy so the growth is pretty long :mad:
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    mjl,s it sounds to me like you put your blades on upside down, one of my guys did that once ,it was the funniest thing i had seen in awhile. why dont you do us a favor and turn the "fins up" any jimmy buffet fans?
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    In that case, Dishboy got it right! Fire the fertilizer guy!

    Discuss the problem with the customer and explain that you may have to go down to every 5 days if the grass is growing fast.


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