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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fordlawn, Sep 29, 2000.

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    I have read many posts on this board that Walkers are high maintenance machines but no specifics as to this claim. I thought Walkers were supposed to be well designed and built machines and therefore should have no more maintenance problems than comparable mowers. Why, as some have stated, are Walkers higher maintenance machines?

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    you know i wounder the same , i have a 93 kubota gas ghs, and i'll tell you i spend maybe an extra 1/2 hr a week on it
    compared to when i ran my mid size as a front line mower,
    i think if you do your own maintence i make a diff,also it as a lot to do with how its operated,after all when you run one and get used to the extra dutys that it does it should get a little more atnn.employees will never take care of your equiptment as well as the owner will. i like my walker,
    it works every day i do and i really don,t mind giving it more attn when it calls for it. i think most folks that have theirs serviced every week at the dealer has a lot to complain about that darn shop maintence bill at the end of the month.ussally well bulit equiment tends to need a little more sevice thats how they make them last

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  3. Bobby

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    Walkers are built good and well designed. They are generally used for high quality work. Put them in clean out type of work and you'll regret it. The deck design is made for cutting grass and leaves. Rocks and sticks can damage the shear pins witch in turn destroys the blades in about two seconds.
    Demo whatever you buy first. The Walker is very menuverable and generally slower than most of the other big name ZTR's. I like mine.
    A lot of time when you hear people complaining about a problem, It's because they did'nt preform the proper preventative maintenance.
    If you do decide on a Walker, don't buy a 25Kohler Command. Many problems. Pitifull support from Kohler.
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    Most mowers sold in Southern Maine are Walkers great machines and very reliable. Most commercial mowers are, these will last up to 3000hrs if maintaned right. All mowers Will give you problems if they are beat, negleted, left out in the elemants and plain piss poor maintenance. To give you an Idea 2 local landscapers have 5 Walkers with an average of 1200hrs on em and just over a year old but maintaned well.

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    i dont know bout ya'll but if i have to buy two hydro, a blower assy,and rebuld my gas kubota i still come out cheaper than a new one walker were designed not to be disposable i want to see the hour meter roll over can,t wait(BTW mine has 1772 hours on it now a no problems)i have 2 spare hydro,2drive boxes, two deck gear assy,extra decks ,well it keeps my parts bill down to a minum,
    ...i wounder what the new models look like by then maybe without wheels uh...

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  6. MOW ED

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    I have owned Walkers for 3 years now and like I say, I will always own a Walker. I may buy other mowers for different applications if profitable but Walker works for me.

    I am not sure what the high maintenance talk is. Quite possibly some of it dealt with the old style deck where you have to drive up on a ramp to change blages. ( I guess there are some mowers out there that you still have to do this with). Walkers tilt up deck lets me change blades in way under 5 minutes. If the deck is dirty its easy to clean while tilted. The only thing that has a lot of steps is greasing the thing but it certainly isn't difficult.

    The maintenance problems I have had deal with the words Kohler 25HP. Other than that the only Walker parts I wore out were a 8 dollar pulley and an ignition switch. My new Kohler 26 fuelie has on board diagnostics just like my truck.

    For my kind of jobs this mower fits 90 percent of the time. I really dont have any high maintenance issues. Good Luck.
  7. Rodg

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    I have had my 42" 16hp for 2 years now and have noticed that it does require a little more "babying" than my old JD. I do not ever put this mower on any job that may get a little "rough." It's a great mower and does what it is designed to do very well. I have had to replace one hydro and the timing gears plus belt. These are the "major" problems. I have learned to go over the machine once a week and tighten all the various nuts, bolts and do-dads, otherwise it starts dropping parts! IF you are looking for a thoroughbred mower the walker is it, but you have to be prepared to "baby" it a little-the price of high performance! One last point. My old JD (now with over 900 hours on it) has not once gone down in the field, the walker has left me high and dry about 8 times now, usually just little things, but if that hydro hadn't been under warranty....ouch! I would suggest you have a second mower as a back up, either a 2nd walker or some other "name" brand you can have serviced locally. Good Luck!

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