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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by turfsolutions, Jan 27, 2003.

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    About 50% of my customers show an excessive amount of Phosphorus on their soil test results. Being environmentally conscience, I therefore have used a fertilizer mix with little or no P on these lawns. Should I have any concerns with a lawn program that applys no P on a lawn throughout the season?

    Anyone else out there with this situation?
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    That was a good thread, but I am suprised that there is not more imput on this subject. That thread only had a few replies, and my thread only has 1 so far. There are good points to be made here, and for areas showing consistant high P levels, why is there not more discussion? In my area, going from what my distributor sells, fertilizers with zero P are in pretty low demand. I guess most lawn ap companies just don't take the time to run a soil test, which should be the first step in IPM.:confused:
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    Soils vary dramatically just within one state. You must do what is required for your area, not what others do. As noted, even in high P soils, there may not be enough P available for turfgrass or other plants. Your best source for specific info for your locale would be your state extension turfgrass specialists.
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    I haven't read the other posts but available P is different than total P. P is also a nutrient that plants will do what is called a luxury uptake. Meaning even when soil levels are high they will absorb additionally available P from and applied source.

    An example is a farmer friend that grows melons. He is progrossive and knowledgeable. He soil tests annually. He cut back or cut out his P altogether on watermelons and the size of them dropped. That experiment lasted one year. So now he fertilizes by what the crop uses and prioduction is fine.

    Agriculturally a lot more tissue sampling or leaf analysis is done and that is more meaningful.

    You might try a few lawns with the zero P and leaf sample this summer against lawns that have P. Of cousre you'll have to pick properties with nearly identical soil analysis to properly compare. Or use front and back of the same property if equivalent.

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