High pressure concern.

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PerfiCut L&L, Jul 11, 2010.

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    I personally would make the tap then simply do a test. Hose bibs can be very unreliable considering if they are not tapped directly with the supply line they can go through many variants that would greatly reduce pressure.

    It's simple enough, make your irrigation tap to the supply line and then run a pressure test with your guage..If you are in the 150-200 range go buy a bell regulator and add it to the assembly. They are threaded and easy to install and are not terribly expensive (also super easy to raise and lower pressure. You pick a regulator based on the range you are trying to achieve (they all have a gap range example 25-75 psi)
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    mitchgo, you have bypassed your usefulness as a follower and are steps away from a leader, just cut to the chase and quit beating around the bush, say what you think man. :laugh::laugh::laugh:

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    Hose bib is a terrible way to determine an irrigation design. If it was me I'd use a Flow Control master and flow control zone valves. That way you can adjust the whole system and then fine tune the zones. Put the valves near the zones so you can see the spray as you are adjusting.
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    a hose bib is most definitely a horrible way to determine a systems parameters, to have a house with city water pressure that high is very unlikely. plumbers, i believe are required to put in a regulator before the water meter to control high velocity's that where out pipe very quickly. generally they won't exceed 10 feet per second if you truly do have water pressure that high definitely install some sort of regulator
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    Just wait till you get the price for the permit , plumber and the submeter in WSSC .
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    Never seen a system here with a sub meter.
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    correct me if i'm wrong but, that meter is city property, the pressure regulator goes on the owners line, which is private property.
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    ::backs quickly out of thread::
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    That bad? Up here they range quite a bit from 1 town handing you a used metet saying " have at it , thats $10, to another town doing the install for $337.14" to other towns that flat out refuse to read em.
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    Here in CO, there is a PRV before the meter (usually, but not always), but the homeowner is still responsible for that PRV, not the utility co.

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