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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Weedwhacker, Sep 25, 2002.

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    I bought a roller for a 60" deck and paid over around 16$(dealor) for it. I think this is a bit too high for a nut/bolts and a plastic wheel that doesn't last in round working condition very long. 3 blades were just 10$ more...
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    That sounds about right. The expense is really in the anti-scalp roller and in the bushing. The mounting hardware is only a couple of bucks

    Unfortunately the cost of those parts, even in the quantities we buy probably won't be going down anytime soon. What we can do is help you to understand what makes them fail prematurely and how to make them last longer.

    First, make sure the rollers are running above the ground and not on the ground. The rollers were never intended to support the deck but are there to help prevent turf damage. They should be suspended above the ground and only make contact when the deck encounters a rise in the lawn. When this happens they are supposed to help the deck rise rather than gouge the lawn. Most (not all) rollers that fall off due to loose hardware are on machines where the rollers are in constant contact with the ground. Also make sure when you put them on that they are tight enough to flatten out the spring disk washer and always tighten the bolt, not the nut. The nut is serrated to help clamp everything in place. If you spin the nut too many times you can wear away theses serrationÂ’s or wear away the mating surface reducing the locking capabilities of the nut.

    Make sure you are raising the deck into its highest position when youÂ’re not on the lawn. Much of the roller wear on some machines is caused by concrete. When plastic and concrete get together concrete wins every time. Curbs are probably the number one cause of broken rollers but we do see some that break due to impacts with trees, poles and buildings.

    Just a few tips that will hopefully help.

    Thanks and welcome to Lawnsite.


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