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    Hello LawnSite! The 2013 season is my 2nd year in business. I currently have 6 weekly accounts and 8 accounts I do every other week. I'll be a senior in high school next year and am looking to expand my business as much as possible next year. The current number of accounts I have aren't keeping me busy enough. I'm planning on bidding on a few commercial account for next year. My equipment consists of a John Deere 54" ZTR, a Husqvarna Trimmer, and a Bolens handheld blower. Instead of buying the $150 striping kit for my John Deere, I spent a total of $20 and attached a 40" shop broom on the back of the mower deck. Honestly, I think it works better than the factory kit. So that's my business in a nutshell, any tricks or tips for me? Anything is greatly appreciated.
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    Challenge yourself to work on more creative ways to save more $$$, working smarter. Continue to grow slowly and set up reserve funds for replacement equipment. I would also suggest setting up a Roth IRA and start contributing to this accout on a regualr bases. learn the power of compounding!. Your overhead is very small ATM,and that will change once your HS is completed. If you have any plans for additional education in the Horticulture or Arborcultural feilds get your schooling taken care of now. You will discover that Time is the single greatest commodity that cannot be replaced and is the most expensive to manage now and in the future. All the best.
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