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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PurpHaze, Feb 16, 2008.

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    It’s been quite some time since I posted up some pics of projects we’ve been working on over the winter… our normal “big pipe” repairs and other situations we run into. So here’s some pics of a major project we did in January… working around a very rainy month.

    This is Redwood High School… originally built as Visalia Union High School early last century, closed in 1952, then reopened a few years later and finally reconstructed in 1970. The original irrigation system in front of the school was an old black iron pipe main line with an isolation valve that experienced weep-by and constantly leaked when shut down. Somehow, somewhere the main line supplied QCVs and manual brass right angle valves that operated zones… some being ancient brass pop-ups.

    It took us over ten days of digging with the backhoe to finally figure out that the main line came from an un-metered street main that would only be shut down in the event we messed up (AND then we’d make the evening news). Needless to say… we took our time and made sure we had it all figured out before making the backflow tie-in. Then we had to replace all the manual valves with automatic valves and reconnect the original galvanized lateral lines.

    Next came the Hunter ACC controller, conduit and valve wiring which necessitated over 300’ of conduit and six sidewalk bores. Half the front was getting totally new zones due to recent construction that had carved up the existing areas so they went in. Backflow was actually last because we had to wait on parts. System is up and working at this time and our grounds crew will re-grade the areas, overseed them when the weather warms up a little and we’ll sock the water to the zones. I’ll take some pics later this spring when everything has greened up. Enjoy.

    RHS Front Automation 1-08 IV-01.jpg

    RHS Front Automation 1-08 IV-02.jpg

    RHS Front Automation 1-08 IV-03.jpg

    RHS Front Automation 1-08 IV-04.jpg

    RHS Front Automation 1-08 IV-05.jpg
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  3. PurpHaze

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    Amost done with pics.

    RHS Front Automation 1-08 IV-16.jpg

    RHS Front Automation 1-08 IV-17.jpg

    RHS Front Automation 1-08 IV-18.jpg

    RHS Front Automation 1-08 IV-19.jpg

    RHS Front Automation 1-08 IV-20.jpg
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    Finally done!!!!

    RHS Front Automation 1-08 IV-26.jpg

    RHS Front Automation 1-08 IV-27.jpg

    RHS Front Automation 1-08 IV-28.jpg
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    Purp -

    As always, freaking amazing work and write-up\pictures!

    Good to have you back

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    Indeed Hayes, nice work/story/pics.
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    i want to see pictures of the sprinklers running!
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    beautiful school, so wish we did things like that here. did you use the acc-d or the multi-wire solution

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