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Okay, leaving the argument about whether you should or should not work with or without clothing and the argument about whether you should or should not have names, logos and phone numbers on that clothing that you may or may not be wearing, Who is wearing any of the high-tech apparel?

I use the Under-Armor, Redhead and ArcticShield underwear for hunting and it's great. Now I'm looking for a new uniform shirt and am going to buy one of the Tech shirts common with runners and other people who somehow get enjoyment out of intentionally punishing their bodies.

For those not familiar with the new trend in sporting wear, they are making shirts, pants and other clothing out of specially treated cotton and cotton blends as well as specially woven polyesters that wick the moisture right off your body. Some types will even keep you from stinking up the truck as well. They make them both in skin tight, form fitting versions, not advisable for most of us, and in nice loose, free-fitting versions on up to tent size.

Right now I'm leaning towards either the Brooks HVAC, UnderArmor Heatgear, Nike Dri-Fit or the Adidas, (I think it's ClimaCool) shirts.

They do cost a little more than regular cotton T's, but they work exceptionally well. (You can also put your logo's and numbers on them if you want, but I don't want to start a throwdown on the value of that) They are available in bulk, bringing them into the same price range as an average polo style shirt if you shop around. There are cheaper ones out there, I bought a few last year at Sam's, I forget the brand name but they were about $30 for three.

And, another thing I will be buying is the polo and dress style shirts made out of these materials. A friend of mine advised me that he has some Coolmax shirts which were priced right and absolutely loves them. He has the ability to sweat about 37 gallons a day, as do I, and that these things have basically given him a new lease on life. He's getting old, as am I, and I know some of you are, so every little thing helps.

Another advantage is that the 100% polyester ones I bought at Sam's are very easy to clean, they don't seem to stain at all. (That may be more of a testament to my Wife's cleaning skills, I don't know.) And in my experience they hold up very well. My UnderArmor hunting shirts are several years old and holding up just fine. (Although I learned that welding in the things is not a bright idea) I have five people currently to outfit in the things and have figured it will be about 1/3 to three times more than regular cotton T's. (The Brooks are a little over $40 each in bulk, and are widely considered to be the best. Maybe I buy Brooks for myself and something different for everyone else....) But, if everyone is more comfortable, and they last a couple seasons, it's money well spent to me.

So anyway, is anyone currently using or considering using these things?


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I bought ours from t-shirtwholesaler.com. They have a huge variety to choose from and most of them have a sizing chart on them as well. We also have our own shirt press so we logo them ourselves. However, a lot of printing stores get their shirts from this website as well and mark them up for you to buy.
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As a Solo.. I really dont care about names on shirts.. Im happy with the ammount of business Ill have this year i see no need for the added advertisement.. So i love the plane old Mossimo cotton tees at target for 5 bucks each.. sure they get wet cause its cotton but there so thin they dry out in no time..anyhoo about the hitech shirts.. When i worked for a Major golf course a few years ago all their shits were Adidas Climacool. and they were really nice polos. breeze cut threw them like you were wearing nothing..I liked them so much I only wore one to work in and kept the other as dress shirts alot of us did..we didnt pay for the bunch we got but i think they were around 65$. and your right they really didnt stain at all unless you got oil on them.. that was also a plus..at the end of the day you could drop it in a bucket with some soap stir in around hose it off while we would clean the equpt and just hang it back up.. great stuff


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After 13 years of cotton tee's, I decided to try the Carhartt Polo Style Work Drys last year. Pros: quick drying, wrinkle free, slightly cooler, professional look. Cons: They fade rather fast. Overall, I was very satisfied. I ordered 3 shirts, and they will have to be replaced this coming season. I mow three days a week(firefighter), so that should give you an idea of their longevity. The shoulders ended up fading first.


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I have just been using the jeans and a t-shirt style for the last several years. I have heard good things about the whicking shirts, don't know what to think of yet.

I just ordered a new whicking polo shirt for my EMS uniform. Several of my co-workers have used the whicking polo's, they all seem to really like them. So I decided to order one and see what I think...I'll see once its warm this summer. It was just over $40 by the time I had the company logo embroidered on it, so I'm hoping it will be well worth it.

I also got underarmor for the first time this winter. I got one "cold gear" long sleeve shirt but have yet to try it out. I'll probably buy a white colored underarmor cold gear shirt and wear it while working EMS and see how I like them. Then I may start wearing them during fall mowing.