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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by High Performance Lighting, Oct 29, 2006.

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    A few months ago I came across a painting contractor who was working up a bid with a computerized pen and writing tablet (for lack of a better term) on site. He had a customized software form on the computer screen that aided him through his work. He said he was able to wirelessly link to a printer he had on bd in his truck and print out a professionally prepared bid on the spot. The customized software automatically entered the clients info into their database. He said the total cost was about $5,000 for this set-up. I can see how this can really save some serious time and work in the field and office. Is anyone here currently using a method such as this to prepare landscape lighting bids?
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    I have seen several templates made with Micro. Word that might serve the same purpose. Just fill in the blanks on your laptop, with a wireless card send it to a portable printer in your truck/vehicle. You could customize the template for your specific needs. Not a programer my self but sounds doable. The pen sounds cool.
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    i run a wireless printer in my truck during the spring-fall season normally. I take it out in the winter time because of freeze concerns with the ink. It is very handy for closing deals on the spot if there isn't much backend calculating that has to be done. You can get Toughbooks which are geared for outdoor use and are very durable to drops and falls too. They even have the models where you can flip the screen over and write on it too like you were saying.

    You have to strike when the iron is hot, and being able to generate a professional estimate on the spot is a great way to do it. My printer ran me $150 (saw it on sale this week for $125) and it does color and black and white wirelessly or via USB. Its a great setup.
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    tablet pc then wireless to printer in truck. I would think now you can do it for well under 5k depending on the software you choose.

    We take our laptop on sales calls and use a power point show and we are slowly building our spread sheets to help us quickly price out jobs and not use the xxx per fixture rate.

    Would be pretty simple to run an inverter in your truck. Easy to build a wood rack to hold the printer and then velcro everything in place for easy removal. Running an inveter vs specialized 12v equipment would allow your hardware to serve you indoors or mobile.

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