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High temp grease = how many degrees?


LawnSite Senior Member
New Hampshire
Looking for grease for my spindles....been told high temp grease...what is the drop point to be considered high temp?

Should there be a minimum drop point spec that I use for spindles?


LawnSite Fanatic

Bill Kapaun

LawnSite Senior Member
Albany, Orygun
I'm sure you won't go wrong with the synthetic grease.
I've been "suspicious" of drop points since I saw a "test" 40+ years ago.
I was a teenager working at a gas station and the boss took a dab or "Hi Temp" wheel bearing grease and a dab of chassis lube on the end of a screw driver and lit them. The WB grease dripped and the chassis grease didn't.
Maybe the WB grease burned a lot hotter or??? It was a bit interesting however.